Paris, the city of love, the capital of fashion, a place that emanates class, culture, sophistication and style. Paris is one of the most influential and important cities in the world where millions of tourist came every year. After the London, Paris is the second most visited city in Europe. Visitors all over the world are drawn to Paris cutting-edge fashion, culinary scenes, art, history and architecture. If you’re planning to visit this stunning city there are some things that you should keep in mind before visiting.

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  1. French are not rude: Yes, it is common misconception that French are so rude to foreigners. It’s true that they won’t go out of their way to help you own their own but if you ask for help, you’ll definitely find someone willing to assist you. French are publically polite to each other. Though they are not so welcoming but not rude as well.  They don’t appreciate misbehave of tourists and seem impolite, otherwise there is rare that local is rude to any foreigner.
  2. Cheese, bread and wine have special place in every French hearts:The three things means much more to the French than we thought. There is an extensive variety of cheese at fromageries, made from sheep, cow and goat’s milk. In Paris you’ll hear the names of cheese that you’ve never heard before and the most amazing part is, each cheese has its own history and place of origin. Don’t forget to enjoy delicious cheese with some freshly baked bread and to enhance the taste make addition of French wine. French are crazy about wine, you can find many different wines to treat your tastebuds from red to rose, white, fortified, sparkling, sweet, and dry or semi-dry there is whole list of wine to accompany your food.
  3. Bonjour, S’ilvous plait and Merci: Remember these three words Bonjour (Hello), S’ilvous plait (Please) and Merci (Thank you) when you’re in Paris. Parisians are very rigorous with politeness, these words may help you to get what you’re looking for. When you’re taking escalators, stay on your right side as people in a hurry will move on the left and you have to make room for them. Usually French don’t speak English but surprisingly they often know how to read it, so if you want help simply write down the information and ask for help it will be a lot easier to communicate.
  4. Paris is covered by smoke cloud: The classic French cinema when actors look attractive and classy while smoking a cigarette, this practice is still very popular in French culture. Anywhere you go in Paris you’ll see large amount of men and women with a lit cigarette. Every year, the streets in Paris hold up to 350 million tons of cigarette butts. There is no doubt then the streets of Paris are covered by a cloud of cigarette smoke. So, don’t be surprised to see unusual smoky streets in Paris.
  5. Be stylish in Paris:Paris is known for fashion all over the world and Parisians honor their title so it is necessary to dress elegantly when you’re in capital of fashion. Their on the point styling and fashion sense makes you to dress perfectly. Strolling on the streets you will see women in dresses, high heels and with chic bags and men in well-fitted suits rushing in the metro. Being fashionable in Paris in an inherited trait, parents dress their kids in designer clothes with unique styles. They prepared well all year round even if they have to go to the supermarket they dress perfectly.
  6. French are good food nation:For Parisians eating good quality food is their utmost priority regardless of meal or time of the day they are eating. Restaurants serves right amount of food, neither big nor small, just perfect size to satisfy you. in Paris, a delicious meal is ideal way for social interaction, starts from good food with good company and followed by a flavorful bottle of wine.
  7. Don’t throw away your tickets:Usually people throw the metro tickets but in Paris, don’t make such mistake. Keep your ticket with you until you exit the metro station. It is because, you will be asked to show your ticket to the inspector at the exit, otherwise you have to pay on the spot fee you can also get cheap flights from UK to Paris.
  8. Don’t Hug:An air kiss on cheeks is a standard greeting for both men and women in Paris. Don’t hug anyone instead ‘Faire la bise’. Avoid handshake when you introduce to someone, just state your name with faire la bise and you’re all set. It’s a great system as no one confuse whether to shake hands, hug, kiss, pound or high five.
  9. It cost extra to take your espresso away from the counter: The weirdest thing! In French cafes don’t order your espresso to sip at espresso counter then when you see an empty table take you tiny cup over to the table and sit like it’s no deal, believe me that’s an extra half euro. Further, it will cost you 1,000 Euro Cool Points which can never be recouped.
  10. The metro system is so simple:Paris has the largest metro system in the world. Their methodology is super impressive, the system is organized by numbers and colors which is quite easy to remember. Familiarize yourself around a major station and head off on your next venture around the town.
  11. In doubt – follow the river:The beauty of Paris being a city with river is that it’s nearly impossible to get lost as it flows in the heart of the city. And most of the major sightings are lined up right along the river banks of the Seine. So, whenever you’re in doubt, find the river and orient yourself.

Parisians drive crazy: If you hire a cab, be prepare for crazy ride. They are aggressive drivers but allow motorcycles and mopeds to weave in and out of traffic that is stopped, so any sudden lane jump by a car you could hit someone. So, if you choose to drive make sure to know the rules as they are different from other countriesso beware before book your Europe flights.

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