4 things to do during Everest base camp trek in Nepal

Everest base camp trek is one of the best treks in Nepal which gives you opportunities to reach the base camp of worlds tallest & highest mountain, Mount Everest.

It’s not easy to reach the base camp of world tallest mountain; however, it’s not hard too. If you have a reasonable level of physical fitness and have a habit to walk several hours in an uphill and the downhill road, then you can also finish this trek easily.

In this article, I am going to describe to you seven things to do during Everest base camp trek in Nepal Himalayas.

1. Explore the base camp of Mount Everest

If we choose to do Everest base camp trek, then our main aim is to reach and explore the south base camp of Mount Everest. The southern base camp of Mount Everest in Nepal is located at an altitude of 5,380m (17,600ft). However, there is no guest houses and tea houses we will visit Everest base camp as a day trip to explore around it. If you want to stay in a base camp, then you need to be prepared by the tent, those who will be heading for Everest summit they stay at base camp on a tent.

2. Explore Sherpa Culture

Everest region is known for sherpa hospitality, and their culture, belief, and values. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa who climbed the Mount Everest for the first time from that day whenever someone said about Sherpa we will always remember Everest.

You can experience and get to know how peoples in the mountains will survive and complete their daily livelihood. During this EBC trek, you can visit Sherpa houses, communicate with them, and intimately experience the lifestyle & tradition they follow.

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3. Capture every moment (Take Pictures & Videos)

Trekking to Everest base camp probably we won’t do for again and again. If we love adventure a lot then perhaps next time we will choose the Annapurna base camp or maybe another trek. If you are in a place where you won’t come again and again then why should not take photos for memory?

Taking pictures and posting on popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram has always been the best part of everyone’s journey nowadays. While you explore the Base Camp of the tallest mountain, you can take lots of pictures of beautiful mountains, Monastries, Local Peoples, Tea houses, Flowers, glaciers, traditional things and many more. Don’t forget to capture the panoramic view from Kala Patthar and Everest base camp.

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4. Experience Sunrise / Sunset View from Kala Patthar

Kala Patthar is the highest altitude you will reach during this Everest base camp trek. Kala Patthar is an elevation of 5,643m (18,519ft) from where the view of Mount Everest is, even more, better and beautiful the base camp. You can see sunrise and sunset view whichever you want over the tallest mountains including Mt Everest, Mt Lhotse, Nuptse, Changtse and many more.