The 5 Best Exotic River Cruises

One of the best things about river cruising is that you can go from one place to another without worrying about where to stay, eat and drink. Everything you need is on your ship. It’s like staying in a luxurious hotel.

If you want to have a family trip or a different type of holiday on some of the most beautiful rivers in the world, we have the 5 best exotic river cruises you should consider.

1. Amazon River

Amazon is the second-longest river in the world with 6,400 km length. Starting from the foothills of the Andes in Peru, Amazon is rich in biodiversity and offers a compelling nature expedition.

The Amazon cruise will take you to places you can’t see in most of the world. You will go into the biggest rainforest in the world, visit different places, such as the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, try local cuisine, and see interesting animals and plants.

This river cruise is more than just a modern luxury trip. It’s a way to enter the untouched beauty of Mother Nature and explore a different culture.

2. Danube River

The Danube is the longest river in Europe with 2.850 km length. It originates from the Black Forest in Germany and runs into the Black Sea. It’s also among the most beautiful rivers in the world. It’s beauty inspired the German composer, Johann Strauss, to compose the well-known piece Blue Danube.

While cruising on the Danube, you will see a lot of different places. Each place has different architecture, culture, and language, but all of them are equally compelling.

Starting from Nuremberg, you will go to Budapest, which is divided into two sides, Buda and Pest. From there, you will head to Vienna, where you will see the Opera House, the famous St. Stephan’s Cathedral, and a Benedictine Abbey in Melk. You will also visit Regensburg, as well as other touristic attractions of Bavaria.

3. Yangtze River

The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and third-longest in the world. It originates from Tibet and flows to the East China Sea, offering an unforgettable cruising experience.

This river cruise usually begins or finishes in Chongqing. Along the way, you will visit many famous places, such as the Shibaozhai Pagoda, the Three Gorges, Wuhan, and the Daning River Gorges. Additionally, you will visit and tour Wanxian and then return in Chongqing.

Although all these places are amazing, the Three Gorges Dam is the most incredible spot. It’s one of the most fascinating natural sites in China, being covered with mists as narrow as 500 feet. The only thing that passes through the mist is the sun that finds its way through the steep cliffs.

4. Volga River

Considered as the mother river of Russia, Volga is the longest river in Europe. Along its way, you will visit a lot of small but charming towns. Moreover, you will see some historical buildings, such as the Church of St. Dmitry on the Blood and the Church of St. Elijah the Prophet. In the end, you arrive at either Moscow or St. Petersburg. Both of these cities have amazing places that you can explore.

There are shorter, one-week cruises which allow you to see the most important locations. However, if you want to completely experience this cruise, you will need around two weeks. It might sound a lot, but it’s definitely worth the time.

5. Ayeyarwady River

With a pretty difficult name to pronounce, this river runs along Myanmar. Formerly known as Burma, this country hasn’t been explored due to all of its controversy.

So, if you board on some of the cruises on the Ayeyarwady river, you will see the rich history, culture, and nature that Myanmar has. Moreover, you will see the fascinating plain of pagodas and temples of Angkor Wat while making shore excursions along the river.

Although we look at only 5 river cruises, there are so many places in the world that you should visit. From mysteries and mists to temples and Gorges. Incredible, mythical, and breath-taking places that are worth your time.