5 destinations with great off-piste skiing

Skiing down the known path is all well and good, but for those seeking an extra touch of adventure, you might be looking to go off-piste and explore some more wild skiing opportunities. Going off-piste comes with a level of excitement and adrenaline like no other type of skiing – even if you’re comparing it to the black slopes in some of the steepest ski resorts in the world. The risk of flying into a tree and experiencing un-touched snow under your skis or snowboard provides you with an experience that is second to none. I thought it would be a great idea to provide all of you skiing enthusiasts with top recommended off-piste skiing destinations. Included below are 5 of the best places for off-piste skiing so that you can make the most of your adventurous side in a safe and secure manner.

Serre Chevalier

Although far from the highest altitude in terms of ski resorts, Serre Chevalier is a great opportunity for an off-piste adventure. The epitome of an alpine ski trip, you can go from ridge to ridge, taking in the fresh alpine atmosphere, looking out over the mountain range. Piste Pro regards the resort as one of the best for off-piste skiing, and it encompasses several mountains, all of which leaves an imposing outline over the resort. Whilst this isn’t the most extreme of off-piste destinations, you’ll enjoy stunning views at all times on your way down the mountain.


Chamonix is the most widely revered off-piste ski resort in the world. Based at the foot of Mont Blanc and the host resort of the Winter Olympics in 1924, the off-piste skiing opportunities here are absolutely outstanding. The Vallee Blanche is one of the most exciting off-piste opportunities in Europe, taking around four hours to complete for anyone that has a reasonable level of skiing ability. You’ll need to check that conditions will remain safe, but if you get the chance, skiing the Vallee Blanche is an opportunity that you need to take. This is just one of many off-piste routes on offer in Chamonix, which has dozens of fun and exciting routes for you to try. Meanwhile, you can also pull your socks for an elaborate tennis session in the valley to get into the groove. The place also offers hiking and mountaineering for those who want to go beyond skiing and explore the high peaks.

La Grave

La Grave is a mecca for those who dream of adventure and exploration on their skiing trips. Uphill from a small and simple village, La Grave has very few pistes that you can ski down with signage to follow. There is an incredible amount of snow at a very high quality, meaning that when you go down the mountain, you’re met with great conditions. These conditions are needed because heading down La Grave can be a challenging undertaking. With ravines and glacier territory marking the way, this resort is best saved for advanced skiers and those seeking an extra level of adventure.

Additionally, if you are a sucker for mountain sports, look no further than La Grave. This place features some exquisite hiking and mountaineering routes to keep the explorer within you alive. Also, who can miss out on the three large placid lakes, which offer a great opportunity for a peaceful wine and dine?


Located in the Swiss Alps, Verbier is one of the most popular skiing destinations in Europe and attracts hundreds of thousands of skiers each year who enjoy both the off-piste ski paths as well as the routes marked out for beginner to intermediate skiers. Verbier is a small village in the Swiss Alps and features four off-piste ski slopes to keep the adventure and inquisitiveness within you alive. The place is also known for its heavenly waterfalls, which add to the peace and serenity and provides a great opportunity to relax and rejuvenate after an extensive ski session. The local food and cuisine are also majestic to keep your energy alive.

Verbier is renowned as one of the worlds leading backcountry ski destinations with steep slopes, an amazing culture, and some mountains that hold snow all year round. In 2006, it was recorded that there were only 2767 permanent residents living in Verbier, which is why there is such as tourist buzz up in this ski resort during the ski season.


Tignes ski resort is best known for its snow sure slopes making it an extremely popular destination for skiers of all abilities. It is right next to Val d’Isère ski resort, and together, they form the ‘Espace Killy’ ski area. With both resorts being so close to each other, it forms a single area of ski slopes that stretches over 300km. I’m sure you can agree that this creates one hell of an amazing off-piste skiing opportunity for those confident enough to take it on. Believe it or not, this isn’t the largest ski area in the Alps.

Moreover, Tignes is located in the beautiful French Alps, close to the Italian border. This provides an opportunity to plan out your Europe trip efficiently and get those world renowned pasta with a strong French wine bouquet as the appetizer.

Amongst the world’s many off-piste resorts, these 5 stand out as some of the perfect options. Where Chamonix and Serre Chevalier can be fun for the whole family, La Grave needs to be taken somewhat more seriously and only tackled by experts. No matter where you ski, you should always make sure that the pistes are safe and you know your own ability. Happy skiing!