5 Solo Female Travelers Explain How They Saved Up to Travel

You may be considering to go solo on your next destination. Chances are, you are not alone. According to YouGov’s 2019 research, 65% of women are choosing to travel on their own. In another study done by Visa in 2015, 1 in 5 females has reached their dream destination with no travel buddies.

Traveling solo is fun, no doubt. However, there is one catch — it can get really pricey, especially if you intend to visit one of the most expensive cities in the world. The good news is, you can still go on that dream vacation with a little saving-up advice from experienced female travelers from across the globe. Are you ready? Here’s how they did it.

Start slowly, but surely

As cliche as it may sound, saving up little by little is more effective than you think. According to Maggie, a travel savvy from California, she started getting more savings when she tried conscious efforts such as not drinking and eating out. If you’re like her, you could be spending at least $100 dollars/week on bars and restaurants. That’s a lot of money if you add it up in the long run! Maggie also swears by cooking at home. It will not only save you a dime or two, it’s healthier for your body, too!

Save ‘unexpected’ money for travel

If you’re lucky like Becky from Wisconsin, you may have unexpected money lying around. This may come from holiday presents, shopping discounts, selling pre-loved items, and the list goes on. See to it that you save extra cash for your travels, and stick to this routine as much as you can. If you have generous family and friends who always send out gifts during special occasions, try to ask them to help you on saving up — who knows they might be up for it?

Try the 52-week challenge

One of the most trending ways to save money these days is by completing the 52-week challenge. Most money-savers do this at the start of each year, but hey, there are no strict rules if you really want to save up. Kristen from Massachusetts does it by starting $1 on week 1. Then, $2 on the next, and so on. In her first year, she was extremely happy knowing she earned a total of $1,300! To stay on track, Kristen recommends finding and printing out a 52-week challenge chart.

Find another stream of income

What better way to save more money than getting a new job or income stream? According to Lexie of Pennsylvania, working on a second (but fun) job during the weekend worked for her really well. With that extra cash flowing in, she was able to spend 11 good days in Morocco and Spain. How cool is that?

Sell your stuff online

Got lots of clothes, shoes, or bags you don’t use anymore? You’ve just found a way to get extra cash for your travels! With the popularity of social media and the internet, selling is made easier than ever. You can use eBay, Craigslist, and a bunch of other online selling platforms to get rid of your clutter at home. That’s right. You’d get extra money while freeing some of your personal spaces. Beat that!

Quick tip: when selling online, make sure to clearly state damages, dents, or discolorations, if any. This way, you can set buyer expectations and prevent future transaction issues from happening.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to setting your goal and determination. Condition your mind in a constant mindset of saving and steer clear of habits that might be draining your savings for the longest time. You don’t really have to go extreme, even the littlest savings can add up and accumulate into big ones in the long run.

We hope that through the expert female traveler hacks above, you’ll be able to live the life of Riley even just for a few days or weeks! Save up little by little for your dream vacation and relaxation break. Give it a bit more conscious effort and you’ll realize you’re getting there pretty soon. It may seem difficult in the beginning, but saving, along with a great deal of patience, can do wonders for your travel goals this year. Happy saving!