5 Tips for Organizing and Storing Holiday Decor

The holiday season is upon us, meaning it’s time to start getting out all of your holiday decorations. This is a process that many people loathe, as putting all of the decorations back in a neat and organized fashion can be quite a headache. The problem is made even worse if you happened to buy new decorations this year or were gifted new decorations while celebrating the holiday. Thankfully, there are some ways you can approach storing and organizing holiday decor, tips that will make the entire process much easier to manage. Regardless of whether you want to clear your home of clutter before you list it as one of the Cincinnati houses for sale or just want to remove a major eyesore, you can stand to benefit from these tips. So how can you make putting away your holiday decorations easier? Here are five tips for organizing and storing holiday decor.

Clear a Dedicated Area

The first thing you should do when storing and organizing your holiday decorations is to clear out a dedicated area. You should have a specific place where all of your decorations can be stored and organized when they’re not being used. Depending on how many decorations you have, this could range from a small section of a room to an entire storage closet. Having all of your decorations in one location is a great advantage when it comes to organization. If you spread them out and store them in various locations and closets, then you won’t be able to truly organize all of your decorations. As a result, decide on a suitable location that can be cleared out to house all of your decorations.

Discard Unwanted Items

Although holiday decorations can be considered extremely important, you likely have items that you no longer use anymore among them. These items may be decorations that are old and worn out, your tastes could have changed, and you no longer like them, or you simply could no longer have a place to hang them up. If you’re no longer using a holiday decoration, then it’s best to either discard it, donate it, or recycle it as it is simply just taking up space. Going through and discarding holiday decorations that are no longer seeing use can make it a lot easier to organize everything and can allow you to fit all of your decorations in one location much easier.

Use Boxes and Containersw

Another great way to minimize the amount of space your holiday decorations take-up is by storing them away in boxes and containers. Instead of just leaving your decorations all strung out in one location, boxes and containers can allow you to condense the amount of space that is taken up. Not only can containers condense the amount of space needed for storage, but they can also protect the items inside. Containers can help protect decorations from environments like a dusty addict, meaning you don’t have to worry about your decorations getting dirty or damaged.

Organize By Type

One way to ensure that your holiday decorations are completely organized is by storing them away by type. This means that you should store all of your fragiles together, all of your Christmas tree ornaments together, and your exterior decorations together. In addition, each container should be labeled, allowing you to see what type of ornament is stored in each location. Having all similar decorations in one location makes it so much easier to find where everything is. When you store your items like this, pulling them out of storage the next year becomes a much easier task. You won’t have to worry about finding certain decorations and rummaging through boxes to find anything since everything should be neatly organized.

Protect Fragile Items

When storing holiday decorations, you need to be much more careful than when you store other items. Many holiday decorations are made of glass or other fragile material, meaning that they can break extremely easily. You can’t just simply throw everything in a pile or store everything in a bin, as that greatly increases the likelihood of a fragile item breaking. Instead, you need to take the time to protect your fragile items before you store them away. A great way to do this is by wrapping items in various protective layers. Smaller fragile items are usually wrapped in material like tissue paper, while larger fragile items are usually wrapped in plastic wrap. These layers can help ensure that no fragile items are broken, allowing you to enjoy your decorations for years to come.