7 Things You Should Bring On Every Hunting Trip

You may not have been able to hunt as much as you would have liked during 2020, but the world is open again so you can finally get to planning all those hunting trips you’ve been meaning to take! Whether you are going somewhere that is within driving distance or traveling across the world, some amount of planning will be required.

You’ll have to take into account what will logistically fit into your bags, the hunting laws at your destination, among many other things. But if it’s packing that’s stressing you out, worry not. Here are 7 things you should bring on every hunting trip.

Your Weapon Of Choice

Whether you prefer hunting with a gun or bow and arrow, make sure you don’t forget to pack your weapon(s) of choice when going on a hunting trip. Keep in mind the rules and regulations for these types of things, especially during travel.

If you usually conceal and carry, know that may not be an option in the airports or in the specific place you are hunting. Be adaptable when traveling with any type of dangerous weapon but most importantly never leave them behind when you’re going on a hunting adventure!

Camping Supplies

Even if you don’t intend on camping as a part of your hunting trip, you should always be prepared to spend a night outdoors. You can also plan to camp as a part of your trip. Luckily, a tent, a sleeping bag, bottled water, a fire starter, and other camping essentials can all easily fit into a backpack.

A Way To Bring Your Kills Back Home

Especially if your hunting trip takes you far away from home, one thing you will need to think about is how you will get your kills home with you. Whether you hunt purely for the sport of it, the trophy, or the meat, you will likely want to take at least part of the animal back home.

This can get difficult, however, especially if you plan on processing and consuming the meat. You will have to make arrangements in advance so that you have the proper bags and refrigeration methods. There may also be extra costs associated with this that you will want to consider.

Survival Supplies

Anytime you’re out in the wilderness for any period of time, you should always make sure to bring survival supplies in case there’s an emergency or you get lost or stuck in the wild. A flashlight, blanket, extra water, a compass, and extra food are all good things to pack into a kit that you can easily bring whenever you go on a hunting trip. If you are traveling far from home and/or off the beaten path, it’s also smart to bring a spare tire and other supplies that can help you out in case you experience car trouble in an area with no cell phone service.

A Camera

While you’re out hunting, taking photos may be the last thing on your mind. But you will see so much beautiful nature and wildlife and will want to remember it! If your phone has a good camera already built in, that will do, but if you also own a professional camera you should definitely remember to pack it for your hunting trip.

One with a strap that can go around your neck will make it easily accessible so that when you see something incredible you can snap a quick picture to show friends and family once you get home.


Make sure to pack camouflage clothing so that animals will not be able to spot you. You can get camo hats, shirts, pants, and other items at just about any hunting supply store. There are many different types of camouflage, but most work well in wooded areas. This will elevate your hunting experience and help you to make more kills.


If you own a dog (or more than one) that is a hunting breed, make sure to bring them with you if you plan on hunting birds. Once you make a kill, your dog can run and fetch the bird for you so that you don’t have to go get it yourself. This maximizes the amount of time you will be able to spend actually hunting, and you’ll be able to stay still, quiet, and unnoticed for longer periods of time. Of course, before you take your dog(s) on any hunting trips, you’ll want to make sure that they are trained to do what you want them to.

Planning your next hunting trip is very exciting, especially now that travel bans have been lifted and you are free to resume any activities you’d like. But don’t let packing for your trip give you a headache! Make a list and just don’t forget any of the above and you will be all set up to have a wonderful time.