Hippies are peace loving people who have not a care in the world. They live to enjoy the world without caring about what other people think about them. Every day is a celebration for them, and they live life according to their rules.

Hippie culture is prevalent in America, but every year India gets enough share of hippie tourist. If you want to see their free spirit culture and enjoy moments like them, you don’t have to go far.

Even people from other countries come to India to see and experience the hippie life. Here are some of the places you should visit in India if you are a hippie lover.

Let’s begin.

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Obviously, Goa is the first getaway for the hippie in our list. You can get lost in the sun and beautiful beaches around and enjoy the various cultures here. Goa is the perfect place to plan a vacation to trip and enjoy with some hippies. In the north side, you can hear psychedelic music while on the south side; you can enjoy peace and serenity.

Most hippies from all over the world come here for a vacation, but eventually, they settle down here.

There are many beaches, churches, and cruise here that will keep you busy. The nights here are famous for parties with loud music, raves, and people dancing. You can find the maximum number of hippies on the Vagator and Anjuna beaches.

Malana, Kasol

Malana is a small town in Himachal Pradesh that is surrounded by the beautiful Himalayas. Malana is known for its weather, mesmerizing view and Hashish.

The cream of Malana is the best hashish which makes it heaven for hippies from all over the world. The people here are not friendly as police are always on the lookout for hippies buying hashish.

But for people who only want to enjoy the scenery and hippie culture, Malana is perfect. You can indulge in some spirituality and trekking here.

Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi is one of the cities that is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list but doesn’t mean that you will only find historical monuments here. The other side of this place is the rocky land which is the home to hippies dancing around covered in psychedelic mushrooms. Hampi has all sorts of drinks and smokes that will drive hippies from around the world. With the beats of Psychedelic music in your ear, you can relax and chill here and do nothing.

Almora, Uttarakhand

Almora a small town in Uttarakhand is a beautiful place that will leave you mesmerized. Above Almora, there is a famous hill, Crank’s Ridge that is also known as hippie hill. Hippies seeking serenity must visit this hill as it boosts of the old world charm which was present only in the 60s and 70s. Another must visit place here is the mystical hamlet that is great for self-discovery or just chilling.

Varkala, Kerala

Varkala beach is the most unexplored and unknown part of the state where you can witness hippie culture. You can see numerous expats and hippies in Varkala Beach. Hippies consider this beach a haven for getting trippy and enjoying every moment of life.

This place is perfect if you want to get lost as no one will disturb you here. Also, you can find a lot of cafes here with numerous yummy options. The palm trees here on the beach are a great place to chill and enjoy the spectacular view.

KodaiKanal, Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal is popular for its psychedelic mushrooms which can get you high. The growth of this mushroom makes this place a hit amongst hippie. Vattakanal, a nearby place is famous for its rave parties which carry on all night with people dancing and tripping.

It is famous for its waterfalls, forested valley, and grassy hills. It has a manmade and star-shaped river known as Kodaikanal.


Hippies are not only about drinking and tripping. They believe in spirituality and moksha and thus, Varanasi is one place where hippies seeking nirvana should go.

Mawlynnong, Shilong

It has an enchanting aura and amazing culture that you must experience while you are here. The scenery here is beautiful and most of the time the skies are filled with clouds. For the hippies who love nature, this is the perfect place.

It’s time to pack your bag and enjoy life the hippie style!

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