8 Things You Must Do in Australia

The country and continent of Australia has long been a top travel destination thanks to its natural wonders, exciting attractions and unique experiences that visitors can enjoy. If you plan to visit Australia, there are certain things that you should do during your stay to make your time here even more enjoyable. Here are eight things that you should do to have the time of your life in Australia.

See the Sydney Opera House

One of the landmarks that has helped put the city of Sydney on the map is this iconic opera house with its unique architecture and picturesque waterfront location. You can take plenty of pictures of the building’s exterior from many different angles so that you can capture the best images to share. You can also attend one of the classical music concerts, comedy shows or other performances that are held here regularly.

Head to Lake Hillier

Located on Western Australia’s Middle Island, this special lake is known for its pink water that adds more color to the surrounding landscape. The pink water is an especially striking visual with the nearby blue ocean water that’s situated a short distance from the lake. The water gets its pink color from specific types of microorganisms that are found in the lake. Even though the lake can be difficult to reach by foot or vehicle, flying over it will offer you great views.

Go on an Outback Adventure

The large remote section known as the Outback is located within Australia’s interior and home to many fascinating wildlife creatures, such as dingoes, cockatoos and red kangaroos. Different types of snakes and crocodiles can also be found near certain waterways and other parts of the Outback. Colorful soil, rolling hills and expansive plains create versatile landscapes that add more appeal to the area. There are plenty of guided tours that can take you through sections of the Outback so that you can see many of its best aspects without wandering into danger.

Visit Uluru

Within Australia’s Outback is this iconic natural sandstone rock structure that continues to draw numerous visitors each year. Sometimes referred to as Ayers Rock, the landmark is considered sacred by the local Aboriginal population. Hiking to the top of the rock to walk along its plateau is allowed, but some locals discourage people from doing so to protect the rock’s sanctity. Uluru even appears to change color at certain times of the day and year, which makes the formation even more intriguing.

Take a Helicopter Tour

One of the best ways to see parts of Australia is from above while taking a helicopter tour. Helicopter charters in Brisbane are available to take you above the Brisbane cityscape and surrounding landscape so that you can see a different side of Australia. It’s also possible to arrange helicopter tours of Sydney Harbour and Reef Island.

Get to Know the Wildlife on Macquarie Island

This island features an animal sanctuary that offers visitors the chance to pet some koalas, wombats and kangaroos. Emus, which resemble ostriches, along with some colorful peacocks can also be seen inside the animal sanctuary. During your time on Macquarie Island, you may also get the chance to see some wild penguins and elephant seals that make their homes along the coastal areas.

Go on a Kimberley Cruise

The Kimberley is another of Australia’s wilderness areas that has been largely untouched by the hands of man, and you can take a boat cruise of the area’s waterways. Some of these waterways are bordered by rocky cliffs and pass through gorges that can only be described as awe-inspiring. Your cruise may also take you to some of the area’s secluded beaches and past beautiful waterfalls that offer the perfect photo opportunities.

Explore Melbourne’s Museums

The city of Melbourne is known for its spectacular museums that can be explored. Natural history and Aboriginal art exhibits can be found within the Melbourne Museum. The National Gallery of Victoria features some of the finest works of Van Gogh, Manet and other acclaimed artists. If you’re a fan of sports, you’ll have a fun time visiting the Australian Sports Museum. You can also learn more about Australia’s early immigration history by spending time at the Immigration Museum.

No matter what your particular interests may be, you can find many great ways to keep yourself entertained while visiting Australia. These activities are sure to leave you with many special memories that will last a lifetime.

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