Ahavtia - Resort near the town of Jesus

People who are looking for one of the top choices in miracle estate Ahavtia is the best for them. It is located in Had Ness in the north of the country and 19 kilometers away. Moreover, the property is also located 28km away from Hamat Gader.

The lodges at the base are supposed to provide the perfect romantic vacations with your partner. The whole area seems romantic, intimate, beautiful, and charming. In its place are family and couples guest rooms designed to suit the high-tech generation that should give the impression and prestige at the expense of the romantic elements.  You can find the rarest landscapes in had Ness with plenty of other entertaining activities.

Reasons to choose Ahavtia

There are top five reasons to choose Ahavtia:

  • Safe order
  • Manages your order online
  • The team speaks Hebrew
  • One of the top choices in the miracle
  • Unmatched prices

Suites in Ahavtia

There are three rooms for high-class coupes and families in Golan Heights. The luxury suites in Golan Heights allow you to get all essential services like flat-screen TV, kitchen, spa, double bed, coffee maker, oven, and a hairdryer. The sophisticated suites of Ahavtia allow you to get an excellent experience of living.

Holiday units

It is fascinating to know that there are three different holiday units in appearance. They are matched into different groups like:

The double cabin

It allows us to sleeps up to 4 guests or Couple + 2. The unit includes a bedroom with a luxurious double bed. There is a large Jacuzzi with the audio and lighting system. The group also comprises a living room with a pull-out sofa, a bathroom, and a dining area. All units are with a private balcony overlooking the natural spaces surrounding the complex.

Family Cabin

The cabin allows one to sleeps up to six guests. It offers upstairs with a double bedroom, living room, bathroom, and dining area. Moreover, upstairs also used as a cool gallery for children’s sleep.

The Family Suite

The family suits allow up to seven people to sleep. It is considered ideal for a large family or couples of friends with three small children. Furthermore, the suits include two large bedrooms, a luxurious living room, bathroom, and dining area with kitchenette.

It is considered as perfect for families and couples in Golan Heights. All the units maintain a romantic classic country look with a meticulous, precise, and pleasant feeling. You can enjoy the living consisting of soft design shades, stylish decoration, and, of course, a large Jacuzzi.

Private pools

Ahavtia is a fantastic resort in Had Ness that allows you to enjoy the Northern part of Sea of Galilee. The guest who came into this locality can enjoy it in many ways. Suites pools are considered as the best product that people are looking for.

People who are looking for perfect privacy, Ahavtia private pools are best for them. You are always welcomed here, even in the winters. The destination allows you to get heated pools, even in cold weather, with full privacy. You will get a high-quality swimwear that is suitable for every season.

For further information, please visit Golan Exposure.