What are the benefits of applying for a gas connection?

A ​gas connection​ is one of the fundamental requirements in a household. There are very few Indian households that operate without one. A few people use wood, cow dung, and other materials to cook their food but these are not ideal. Even the process of applying for a gas cylinder which was quite tedious in the past has been streamlined to allow people to handle it from beginning to end in less than fifteen minutes, giving applicants no reason to skip on getting a ​gas booking.

What are the benefits of applying for a gas connection?

A gas connection is a lot cheaper than the alternatives, it uses LPG which requires smaller quantities to cook food. Furthermore, the amount of fuel needed to warm up a meal is not even comparable to using a wood fire. It is also a lot better for the environment since it doesn’t cause as much sooth, smoke, or the loss of foliage.

Additionally, gas does not generate as much heat since it is aimed directly through the stove, which keeps the kitchen cleaner and cooler. Most importantly, however, it significantly reduces the chances of accidents or issues that could occur since someone forgot the stove on.

The Government is working with people and giving them the option to surrender their discount and subsidies so others can benefit from it, thereby reducing the cost of a gas booking for people from many parts of rural India, now incentivised to switch. Furthermore, there are three options they can choose from.

What are the best ways of finding the right company?

There is a lot of research that has to go in the process of picking the right gas company. People should realise that a ​gas company​ is a long term investment and not something that is done and forgotten in a day. Although there are rules allowing people to switch companies for any reason, it takes a lot of time for the paperwork to be processed and switch to be completed.

There are a couple of items I would check off my checklist before picking one company over the other or make the jump altogether. Make sure the company you are working with has access to your house and sends someone home at least once a week with a cylinder. If the company sends gas on an individual basis, you should be fine however if they handle this through a van, make sure it visits at least once a week. Otherwise, there would be long breaks when you would be done with a cylinder and waiting for another.

Other checks include making sure you have a point of contact nearby so you can go to their offices whenever needed. Additionally, check that the pricing of the cylinder is not too over the top. Currently, there is a very small difference between the pricing of different brands however, that could change so do some research before committing.