Best Pokemon Go Spots in Utah


Are you an avid player of that augmented reality mobile game that caught the world by storm in 2016? To play Pokemon Go, you have to walk around acting as the pokemon trainer to catch the pokemon you’ve wanted as a child. However, your Pokedex is filled with basic pokemons because you don’t know where the pokemon go locations are.

Well, we’re here to help you by telling you where the best spots are in the beehive state of Utah. Spots and territories that are condensed with pokemon to fuel your trainer’s ambitions! These places were narrowed down with the crunching of numbers for each spot, the number of parks, churches, museums, and public gathering places per 1000 people.

Public parks, museums, churches, and public gathering places are marked important in Pokemon Go. These places are landmarks where you’re more likely to find uncommon to legendary pokemons. Pokestops and Gyms will turn up in one of these landmarks.


With a small population of 5,145, there are 11.66 parks, 2.92 museums, 11.66 churches, and 5.05 public gathering places per 1000 people. This particular spot is right because there’s plenty of greenery to look around; it’s more like a refreshing stroll rather than a pokemon hunt.

West Bountiful

With a population of 5,353, this spot has 11.21 parks, 3.36 museums, 11.21 churches, and 2.05 public gathering places per 1000 people. It’s great for players just starting out to hunt in West Bountiful because the community is accepting of the activity – to the point where Police Officers want to join the fun. The landmarks are reliable for every pokemon hunt.

Fruit Heights

This spot also has a population of 5,353 and has a smaller park count of 10.46, a museum count of 1.12, a church count of 11.21, and a public gathering place count of 2.24 per 1000 people. Although its landmark counts are lower than West Bountiful, it’s still a tried and true spot to start.


With a population of 5,828, this spot has 10.3 parks and churches, 2.57 museums, and 2.06 public gathering places per 1000 people. With a low count of the landmarks, there are plenty of open spaces, so it’d be fun for the trainers to walk around and explore the place to see if they can get a good catch!

Farr West

Farr West has a population of 6,113, a park count of 9.82, a museum count of 2.45, a church count of 9.82, and a public gathering place count of 1.8 per 1000 people. With the count being low, there’s a large open field located in this spot, which probably houses a lot of good pokemon.

South Weber

Currently holding a population of 6,386; it has a 9.4 park count, a 2.51 museum count, a 9.4 church count, and a 2.66 public gathering place count per 1000 people. With an open sandy desert, it’s a reliable spot to catch ground type pokemon on a bright sunny day.


With a slightly larger population than the other spots of 8,319, it has a park count of 7.21, a museum count of 1.44, a church count of 7.21, and a public place gathering count of 1.08 per 1000 people. The spot is in the suburbs, so there’s plenty of open streets, it also explains the low count for the landmarks.

Pleasant View

This spot has a population of 8,426; it has a park count of 6.88, a museum count of 1.31, and the only place to have a higher church count than the park of 7.22, and a public gathering place count of 1.19. This spot is another suburban area with lots of twists and turns, so you can be sure you’ll have a great workout just walking around.


Another slightly larger populated area is Riverdale, with a population of 8,532, having a park count of 7.03, a museum count of 1.76, a church count of 7.03, and a public gathering place count of 1.99 per 1000 people. This spot is an excellent place to search for water type pokemon as you can walk alongside the river.

Washington Terrace

With the highest population of 9,140, its park and church count is 6.56, the museum count is 1.75, and the public gathering place count is 1.86 per 1000 people. Washington Terrace is a spot densely populated by houses, so its a great place to explore for its windings streets and thickly settled homes.


All of these spots and territories mentioned are only some of the best pokemon go locations in the world. With plenty of the spots housing different pokemon types, you can head to one area to find a specific pokemon for many hours on end and then move to the next one once you’ve completed your hunt. Remember to stay safe and have fun on your adventure!