Travelling with pets can be stressful for any family, especially if you have a grown-up pet. However, with a little planning and taking care of some things, you can travel with your pet to any location without stress. Taking your dog or cat on a family vacation can make it more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

All you need is to take care of some tips and plan carefully before leaving for your holiday. This post shares some tips to use while travelling with your pet on a trip to any place.

Plan early

When it comes to travelling with a pet, you should not leave anything to the last minute. Planning early offers you enough time to arrange the travel and necessary items for your pet. On the other hand, leaving the things to the last minute may lead to annoyances such as airlines denying the boarding of your pet, or its food and belongings. You also forget many items to pack while planning immediately for a trip. Therefore, it is good to plan your trip at least one month before leaving for your vacation with a pet.

Check the breed and species restrictions

Some airlines restrict the boarding of some species and breeds of dogs like the bulldogs, boxers, pugs and chows as they have a short head and a snub nose. These breeds are susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature and may suffer illness while travelling. Make sure, that the airlines allow the breed of your pet for travelling in their plane.

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Take a travel bed along

You should keep the comfort of your pet on top priority. Pets are used to their daily routines at home, and you need to take care or their comfort while travelling.

Take their bed along with your luggage while travelling to any location so that it can relax as it does at home.  You can use it to allow your pet to relax in your vehicle and as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Pack the necessary gear

As you pack your luggage and essential items don’t forget to pack the essential equipment for your pet.  You can prepare a kit for your pet containing the food, water, bowls, packed food and toys that can make it feel comfortable on the trip.

If your pet is under treatment, pack its medications and vaccinations in a separate kit. Also, pack a litter box and waste bag for your pet as you need it while travelling in the vehicle or plane.

Rehearse travelling with your pet

If you are going to travel with your pet for the first time, you should rehearse the same by taking it along for short drives in your car. You need to start practising a few months before your trip as you might get time only on the weekends. After carrying your pet for short drives for a few times, you should increase the time and take it on long drives in your car. Your pet will become habitual of travelling in the car and will not bother you much on your vacation.

Health Checkup

Take your pet for a medical checkup to a veterinarian before your vacation. Even if your pet is in good health, you must take it for health checkup to ensure it is fit for travelling in a vehicle and plane. Take the fitness certificate from a reputed veterinarian as you may need it for airlines travel.

Also, take the contact details of your pet’s doctor, so that you can contact him/her in case you need advice while travelling on your trip. Also, search for the veterinary doctors and hospitals at the location where you are planning to go.

Travelling by car

If you are going by a car on a long trip, you need to take care of many things. Take your pet on short drives to make it habitual of travelling in a car. To avoid car sickness, allow it to travel on an empty stomach, but make sure to carry enough water to prevent dehydration.

It is also good to carry it in a crate while travelling in your car. Leaving your cat or dog open in the car can be a risk to the driver, passengers and the pet itself.

It is best to carry your pet in the crate, but if you want to take it without the box, do not allow it to take its head out of the window. Stop after an hour or two for exercise or potty breaks. Make sure you clean up your dog before it enters the car again.

Never leave your pet unsupervised in a closed car as it gets hot in summers and cold in winters. Also, don’t allow your children or other members to tease the pet while travelling in the car.

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Travelling on a plane

A crate is essential to carry the pets on an airplane. Therefore, it is necessary to help your dog rehearse living in the crate. If your cat or dog has never lived in a container, you should buy a crate and help your pet to live in the box for a few days.

Put its food, water bowl, bed and toys in the crate to let it relax and become comfortable in the same. Take the health certificate of your dog from its doctor, as you will need it for ticketing of your pet.

Every airline has different regulations for travelling with pets. Make sure you comply with the same before taking your pet along. Moreover, make reservations as early as possible as most airlines allow tickets for pets on the first-come, first-serve basis.

Hire a pet sitter

If you don’t feel comfortable with your pet while travelling, you can take a pet sitter along. The pet sitters Melbourne are qualified and certified to handle any type of pets at home and holiday trips. Spending a few dollars on hiring a pet sitter can take the stress off your mind.

Final words

These are a few essential practices to follow while travelling with your pet. There are other things that you must consider like carrying a first aid kit, hydration of your pet, pet policies of the airlines and the place of arrival, etc. It is best to make a list of all these factors and add your own to remember taking care of all the things while travelling with your pet.