Book a Beach-front Hotel in Pattaya

Book a Beach-front Hotel in Pattaya to Enjoy the View

Booking a beach-front hotel in Pattaya is always preferable to choosing a hotel in the middle of town. With the constant balmy breezes blowing in off the Gulf of Thailand, you’ll enjoy natural air-conditioning when you’re sitting out on your balcony, gazing at the sunset with an ice-cold drink in your hand.

After dark, you’ll be able to take in all the vibrant colours of the city as you look down along the coastline. Beach-front hotels in Pattaya also provide easy access to wander along the beach. It’s the perfect way to start your mornings on holiday and plan for the day ahead.

Close to Convenient Public Transportation

Most visitors to Pattaya make convenient use of public transportation in the city that takes the form of ‘Baht Buses.’ These are pickup trucks that have been converted into passenger-carrying vehicles by adding a roof and seats onto the rear bed of the truck.

They ply a regular route, heading south along Beach Road, and north along Pattaya’s Second Road, just a block inland. These buses are used by both locals and tourists alike. Just walk to the curb and put your hand out. The next Baht bus that comes along will pull over to pick you up. Jump into the back, and off you go. When you reach your destination, just ring the buzzer switch on the roof of the truck, and the driver will pull over to let you off.

You pay the driver ten Baht for the ride within central Pattaya and Jomtien, and twenty Baht if you cross over into north Pattaya. Most of the attractions along Beach Road will be within the ten Baht distance making the Baht bus the cheapest and most convenient system of transport in the city by far.

Beach-front Hotels in Pattaya are all right along the routes that these Baht buses travel. It’s just another advantage of booking a beach-front hotel.

Take in the Views While Basking Beside the Pool

Most beach-front hotels in Pattaya take full advantage of their location by positioning their swimming pools to provide their guests with a panoramic view of the ocean while swimming or basking beside the pool.

The beach is always just a short walk away. Stroll down to the beach and enjoy all the water sports on offer along from vendors positioned along Beach Road or on the beach itself.

Take a speedboat out to a floating platform in the middle of Pattaya Bay and experience the thrills of parasailing over the water. The view from up high is spectacular.

Being close to Beach Road also means that everything you need is within a short Baht bus ride. Central Festival is a huge modern shopping mall on Beach Road, where you can find both upscale brand name items and groceries and sundries. But if you want to browse for souvenirs, take a walk down Beach Road and visit the numerous shops selling handicrafts, swimwear, and of course, plenty of Pattaya t-shirts.