Planning your perfect wedding needs a lot of attention. When you are spending the time and money to have a destination wedding, you might as well plan a family holiday alongside it. Giving your family the time to relax around your big day is going to be a great decision and it can help everyone relax in the run-up to your wedding itself. Here are some of the things you should think about when combining the two.


One of the most important parts of planning a joint wedding and family holiday is the accommodation. You need to find space for everyone to stay as well as a potential wedding venue. It can be hard to find both so the earlier you can start looking the better.

A very popular destination for weddings is Mykonos. This is a fantastic place to host your wedding as it will allow you to take advantage of one of the many Mykonos Luxury Villas on offer around the island. This will give you a beautiful place to get married in while your family can take advantage of the space and relaxation on offer from the wedding. Planning a Mykonos wedding might result in one of the best holidays you have ever had.

Cut Costs Elsewhere

Planning a destination wedding is incredibly expensive but there are some costs you can cut elsewhere to keep the budget from getting out of hand. One of the best reasons why you might opt for a destination wedding is that it will help you keep the guest list down.

You might decide that you only want your close families there. That instantly slashes the guestlist from potentially a hundred people plus down to less than twenty. They will most likely pay for their own flights. If you all chip in to stay in the same villa, you might also be able to keep costs down for the wedding venue too.

Instead of forking out a fortune for a sit-down meal for everyone, consider something like a barbeque on the beach. This will be much easier for you to organise and will allow the entire family to get involved with the prep. Turn your wedding into a family event and everyone will begin to feel welcome.

Remember to Spend Time with Your SO

This might be a family holiday but it is also important that it is your wedding day too. Instead of getting drawn straight back into the politics of family holidays once your day is over, take some time away from the family with your new spouse.

You could have a mini honeymoon before getting ready for the real one. For example, if you have gone to Mykonos for your wedding, you might decide to spend a few days on the other side of the island from everyone else. This will allow you two time to adjust as a married couple before going back to your family. It might be just the break the two of you need.

Make Sure There is Something for Everyone

It can be tempting to make the holiday entirely about you because your wedding will be a major event that happens while you are away. However, doing so is risky as it means that you might annoy a member of your family who wants to go a specific thing. While your wedding will take up an important part of the holiday, you should also make sure that you are paying attention to the needs of your family.

You might be getting married in a place well-known for its amazing beaches. This means that you should plan several beach days so your family can get to experience them fully. They also might want a chance to go shopping, or to see some of the famous historical sites nearby.

Sit down with your family before you travel and talk about what they want from the holiday the most. Try to organise an itinerary which ticks the boxes of everyone who will be coming with you. This might be the major vacation of the year for some of your family members. Forcing them to spend the entire time preparing for your wedding is selfish. Make sure they have ample time to enjoy themselves too.

Have Fun

When trying to combine a wedding and a family holiday, you are likely to become very stressed out. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself. This is both your wedding day and a holiday and you should take the time to enjoy it fully. The more fun you can have while away with your family and fiancé, the fonder your memories will be. Take the time to relax and enjoy yourself; it is your wedding and you deserve to make it as memorable an occasion as you can. Though there may be a lot of planning, it will all be worth it in the end.