Trekking, visiting the living goddess and tasting the cuisine of Nepal are some of the cliché activities to enjoy and relish in this land. Yes, these are iconic experiences that you should be taking part. However, you need not walk out of Nepal with the same experience like million others.

Here are a few off-beat and unique activities to enjoy in Nepal.

1. Set on a Journey to Find Yeti

No, it is not just a mythological folklore for many locals here. The Tibetan Buddhist temple of Khumbu region holds a Yeti skull inside a glass cubicle. Are you new to this Yeti culture? Yeti is assumed to be a mythological giant snowman of Big Foot family. You can take part in official expedition to spot Yeti. However, you would need a permit which would be around USD 1,100 per head per day and a written contract that you would not hurt Yeti, if you get to see it. If you happen to capture Yeti in a photograph, you need to turn those evidences to the Nepalese officials.

2. Climbing Frozen Waterfall

Ice climbing is a cliché activity to enjoy in Nepal, if you are visiting between December and February. Do you want to add more adrenaline to this activity? Reach Kwangde waterfall. This is the longest waterfall of ice, during winter season. You can find Himalayan guides, who would help you reach the summit of the waterfall. It is not something new to know that this activity is just for the skilled and hardcore ice climbers. Well, amateurs can reach the waterfall and see the ice giant.

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3. Taste Hallucinating Honey

Nepal cuisine has many interesting dishes. The best of all is the hallucinating honey, which is found in the cliffs of Himalayas. Interestingly, the bees collect this honey from a poisonous flower, which makes the honey to be rich with aphrodisiac properties and hallucinating powers. This honey will be ready for harvest only once a year. If you are up for some adventure time and more money to spend, you can hire hunters to take the honey, in front of your eyes. The entire process of honey retrieving and processing will take three days. However, the wait is worth the taste and experience.

4. Ancient Concerts

The ancient temple of Pashupatinath conducts an exclusive music concert on every full moon evening. The complex holds a large fine classical music concert inside the open-air courtyard. Reach the temple, as early as 5 pm to get a nice spot. The music performances will be more beautiful, thanks to the classic background of the temple.

5. Explore the Haunted Royal Massacre Spot

You would be aware of the murder mystery of the crown prince killing ten members of the royal family, before turning the gun towards him. This massacre spot is famous among tourists and the place is turned into a museum. It is said that you might hear the shouting of deceased family members of the massacre, sometimes. Are you ready to explore the haunted site?

6. Trek to Upper Dolpo

Isn’t trekking an age-old activity to enjoy in Nepal? However, Upper Dolpo is not any average destination. This is an extreme spot, where people assume that the place would stay unharmed, when the world ends. This is a challenging trekking to reach the sacred spot of the world and find ancient monasteries, rare snow leopards, Lake Phoksundo or hunt for the rare caterpillar fungus, which is said to have rare medicinal features.

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7. Hunt for Fossils

When you can search for Yeti, Nepal is quite rich in fossils. Himalayas is the spot of civilization change in the world. You can find sea fossils in the Himalayan region. Yes, several centuries back, Himalayas was underwater. The Kali Gandaki valley and cliffs around it are said to be rich with fossils. The world’s earliest fossilized whale was found here. Many archeologists and explorers visit this region to spot any fossils and gain fame. Are you ready for the fame game?

8. Lift the Mighty Rock

Are you visiting Nepal as a small group? You need to lift the Baraha Chhetra rock. It is a very large rock and is said to be a miraculous one. Visitors can try to lift the rock. It is said that it is only possible if five or more people place on finger under the rock and lift it together. The physics explanation would be quite dull and boring. However, the actual experience of lifting the rock would make you feel like Hercules.

There is ‘n’ number of ways to explore and enjoy Nepal. The best way to do so is to stick with locals. Do not build a cocoon out of luxury resorts, fine dining spots, cab drives and visits to iconic beauties. What is the fun in that? Enjoy Nepal in the way it is intended to be.