Enjoying Tuscany in the Winter – Best Skiing Options

Tuscany is a wonder year-round, fulfilling the dreams of everybody, whether nature lovers, history buffs, sports enthusiasts, or another. And, truth be told, the snowy and chilly season we are entering is perfect for skiing the slopes of the Pistoia Mountains, and not only! Here are some of the best skiing adventures you can claim during your fun Tuscany winter visit!

1. The Zum Zeri – Passo dei due Santi ski area

Lying in the Lunigiana region, on the border between Romagna, Liguria, and, of course, Tuscany, Zum Zeri is a 1,600-metre-high area with a total of nine slopes of varying complexity levels. This exciting place on the northwest also has a kids’ park, a “snow park ” for snowboarding adventures, snow-making machines, a 12-kilometre trail, and three ski lifts to suit your needs. Within the Zum Zeri area, one can also find a restaurant serving delicious local cuisine, alongside campsites and hotels. Clearly, a superb, family-friendly option that rewards with winter sports facilities and panoramic vistas of the heart-stopping Tuscany landscape, the beautiful Ligurian Sea, and the chalky mountains.

2. The Garfagnana ski resort

You will find this one patiently waiting for you in a land between the Apuan Alps and the Apennines in the southern part of Tuscany. Sitting in charming Garfagnana valley, the resort pampers ski aficionados with Alpine discipline ski runs counting more than 15 kilometres, alongside around 30 kilometres of ski runs for downhill. On your way, you will also get jaw-dropping vistas of impressive natural scenery dotted by a set of scenic hamlets of particular cultural and historical significance.

And, if you have never skied before and find it exciting, you can learn the ropes at the ski school within the ski resort area before you slide down the 450-metre slope (for starters!).

3. The Abetone ski resort

If you have chosen one of the stylish and chic villas near Florence for your Tuscany stay, then you not only get a fab perspective of the imposing Pistoia Mountains but are also less than an hour away from Abetone ski resort – one of the most important Italian ski resorts. Providing probably the longest stretches of pistas (60 km of ski runs), Abetone has, no wonder, been selected to host the World Championship cup and various European challenges. Moreover, the resort implements a wealth of modern lift systems while offering stunning bird’s eye views of the four surrounding valleys.

4. The Monte Amiata ski resort

Located at nearly 1,800 metres high, Monte Amiata welcomes you with eight ski lifts, 10 kilometres of ski runs (perfect for alpine skiers), and a total of 12 ski slopes for downhill. Nevertheless, if you are more of a Nordic skiing fan, worry not. Monte Amiata grants your wish with 10.5 kilometres created explicitly for followers of this particular discipline. It should also be noted that the ski resort is positioned on the slopes of a volcano overlooking the largest European beech forest, as well as the lovely Sienese hills, the enchanting Maremma region, and an idyllic fraction of the Tyrrhenian Sea on the back.

Plus, it’s located in the largest beech forest in Europe, which is one of the reasons Monte Amiata hosted the European Ski Cup Women’s Championship in the past! Speaking of the past, did you know that the Amiata mountain was the most visited place by skiers even before World War I? In fact, the first ski lift here was constructed by recycling a motorcycle engine, in 1947! Fascinating!

5. The Careggine ski resort

With 5 kilometers of slopes for alpine skiing enthusiasts to satisfy all tastes and difficulty levels, The Careggine ski resort is another populated option among skiing lovers and nature fans. Sitting in the lap of the Apuan Alps, this is actually a plateau that provides a wealth of activities to those that make the effort and drive there. Surrounded by a profound natural landscape, dotted with meadows, hills, forests, and lakes, the Careggine region is no wonder one of the most well-known tourist areas in Tuscany.

The resort offers pistas for experienced and novice skiers while it’s also equipped with three ski lifts, eating areas, and snow-making machines for a fun and relaxed winter time in Tuscany. Also, the fact that it’s less than 60 minutes from the main railway lines or highways makes it particularly appealing to Tuscany visitors exploring the countryside and wanting to combine it with a welcoming ski-related experience. Indeed, along the way, you’ll notice fantastic patches of chestnut trees and birch forests, and charming mountain trails.

Bonus Skiing Option:

While exploring the Pistoia Mountains and its inviting ski runs, you could hop on the funicular railway heading to Doganaccia (the start line is in Cutigliano). The winter sports area of the ski resort is between approximately 1,500 and 1,800 metres high and provides six lifts and 15 kilometres of slopes specifically designed for snowboarding and skiing.