Family Things to Do in Phuket

Fun Family Things to Do in Phuket

Although the mountains, beaches, and jungles of Phuket are spectacular and well worth exploring, the younger members of the family may not be so enthusiastic to see the sights once again.

Younger kids carve excitement when they’re on holiday. So here are some things to do in Phuket that are sure to pique the interest of any adventure-loving kid on holiday.

Spend the Day with Elephants

There are several nature parks on the island devoted to the conservation and well-being of the national symbol of Thailand. You won’t be allowed to ride the elephants at any of these nature parks. But you’ll be encouraged to feed them, bathe them, and interact with them to your heart’s content.

A trip to an elephant nature park in Phuket is a fun to impress on your kids the importance of conserving the wildlife species of the world for the overall health of the planet.

Take a Yellow Submarine Ride

Even those young ones who have no idea of who the Beatles were will be excited by the thought of diving into the blue depths of the Andaman Ocean aboard a yellow submarine.

This approximately 45-minute voyage will enable your young ones to view the sea-life around the island through large picture windows and via cameras mounted outside of the sub that transmit images onto large LED screens mounted inside.

Go Zorbing at Rollerball

Spend an hour or two laughing your heads off as you careen down a grassy slope inside a huge, clear inflatable ball. Zorbing is the newest tourist activity to reach the island, and kids can’t get enough of it.

The balls are big enough for two, so a parent and child can enjoy a dual thrill-packed ride as they bounce down the slope. The balls are also partially-filled with water to enable everyone to stay upright and slide around inside the ball.

Learn to Surf on Dry Land

For youngsters who are too small or timid to take a surfboard out on the waves, give them a treat by introducing them to the sport of surfing without leaving the safety of dry land.

The Surf House in Patong has a Flowrider machine that simulates the sport of surfing inside a large inflatable pool. Your kids will be able to spend hours bodyboarding, knee-boarding, and, if they have a well-developed sense of balance, actually standing up on the board in total safety.

Visit the Upside-down House in Phuket Town

This attraction is fun to walk around in for an hour or two. Baan Teelanka is an actual house that’s constructed upside-down. It features interior rooms that are upside-down as well with furnishings, knick-knacks, and art on the walls. The attention to detail is extraordinary.

Kids can take their cameras and pose among the rooms and features of the house. People back home viewing the resulting pictures won’t be able to figure out what they’re seeing.

Go Wakeboarding at Phuket Wake Park

Spend a morning or afternoon with your kids experiencing the thrills and spills of wakeboarding around a specially-equipped family-friendly lake. The lake is oval and has a continuously moving cable with lengths of rope and handles.

They have professional coaches on hand to help beginners who have never tried the sport and a special kid’s wake school and a wake camp where kids can devote multiple days to perfecting their technique on the waves.

Soar Through the Trees at Flying Hanuman

Your kids will love spending the morning, afternoon, or entire day at Flying Hanuman. This park in the jungles of Phuket features a dizzying array of ziplines, sky bridges, abseil points, and spiral stairways.

Your kids will have a ball whizzing along above the trees on a perfectly safe and secure zipline. Kids above the age of four are encouraged to try the Flying Hanuman adventure, and helmets are provided for everyone.

The island has something to offer every member of the family, and these are just a few of the fun things to do in Phuket. Have fun exploring this large island and find even more adventures to thrill your kids.