Four Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Morocco

Are you fed up of your daily routine? You really need a perfect family time out.  There could be many places on earth you can explore but nowadays tourist attractions in Morocco are the talk of the town.

Morocco is the best destination for families and highly suggested for fun and enjoyment. If you are on holidays in Morocco, Believe me, you are going to spend your golden hours of life. The colorful life of Marrakech city, Beautiful sights of the Atlas Mountains, Sunny days on the Atlantic Coast beaches with sounds of a dancing sea, It calms you by the way and What about the tremendous Sahara Desert’s sights and experiences. A number of Museums, Zoo, Amusement Parks kids should expect during their Morocco Family Holidays. So let’s get ready for a wonderful Morocco Family Holidays with Virikson. Wait, Let me guide you how exactly you can make your tour a memorable one.

Hey Marrakech, What’s up

Nothing wrong in starting the tour of your own choice, but Marrakech can warm you up with its colors and magical air. Can you talk to Marrakech? Let’s try. It will respond you, believe me, this is one of an interesting thing you would know after you will be landing in Morocco. Marrakech is always please in its mood and welcomes to embrace you.

The first thing you would be experiencing is the different tastes Marrakech offers. Most probably you will reach Marrakech at lunch or dinner and you will need to visit some local restaurants to taste cuisines of your choice. You know, Morocco is tasty, I mean dishes they make are delicious. “Lamb Tagine” is famous and tops in Morocco tourist attractions. This is a cultural dish dates back to the Islamic empire or some say the Roman Empire. Morrocan influences over the years are what really makes the tagine unique.

A very important thing to remember is if you are a diabetic patient or facing Blood pressure complications, you would ask the waiter to keep your food according to your precautions. For children, not to eat much spicy dishes to keep your tour healthy and enjoyable. Tagine is a kid’s friendly dish though . Other dishes like tangia and different traditional soups are also recommended.

The Hillarious Djemma el Fna:

You would not be eating all the time, you are here to explore the place so let’s move on to what else Marrakech can offer us. Starting your tour from the center of a city, Djemma el Fna Square is not a bad idea. You know an interesting fact that this square was once a place of public execution, scary? Don’t be, It’s totally changed, today it is a happier place full of life. With the sun going down, You can witness a festival in Djemma, everything gets a life. Fortune tellers, Snake charmers, fire swallowers, storytellers, all engage fascinates the tourists. The square transforms into a magical circus surrounded by the food stalls and the rhythms of African Arabic Music.

Chez Ali Fantasia:

Did you experience a dining sitting in a Bedouin Styled tent with the belly dance entertainers, that’s a complete package of different fascinating activities. That you can find in Chez Ali Fantasia which will be on some distance to your riad. Fire eaters, magicians, and the famous musical band will entertain you with food, mint tea and Moroccan sweets.

So the kids, time to have fun. There are two small amusement parks in the town named Ludipark and Paloozaland, Mini Zoo, Cinema, Swimming pool and what not.

Modern Morocco when gives a mix impact of imperial Morocco, it attracts the visitors most. For kids while holidays in Morocco, it would be more interesting to visit Rabat, the capital of Morocco. Rabat has several interesting historical attractions, such as the Kasbah of the Oudaias, the old medina, and the Hassan Tower. The gleaming Royal Mausoleum is also well worth a visit

Let’s Move to Atlantic Coast

Morocco Family Holidays are incomplete without feeling the sand of the Atlantic coast. No, these beaches are not of beach bed type where you can lay and take a sunbath. If you are a sportsman, the massive Atlantic rollers can attract you. Surf in Atlantic can be rough and tough so if you are a confident swimmer, you are the right person to play with waves. Watching and playing with the waves is fun, children will love building sand castles. Can you try making a dinosaur with the sand?

If you have a long holiday plan in Morocco, You can adventure traveling by the widespread coastline. You’ll find historic ports, small fishing points and many new places to discover. Bet me you’ll not find the best destination for families along the Atlantic coastline other than Essaouira. Yet another beautiful and calm place towards the south of Essaouira  is Sidi kaouki. A very family friendly place having sleeping beach beds and yet peaceful environment. In summers when the winds mostly touch the coast, It is advised to go in the morning and leave that place before afternoon.

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Trekking on the Atlas Mountains

Atlas range is the most easily reached section of the mountain range from Marrakech, few hours distance. Plan for at least a day or two to explore the landscapes, nature, and culture. By visiting the ranges of Morocco you’ll find a totally different way of life. Time didn’t change to the native mountaineers. Getting out of the hectic machinic routine and experience such a different life really makes great fun, try it.

Worried about kids? Family-friendly trekking tours and walks are possible now, there are a lot of the local companies making your travel easy. No matter the age of your child, you can enjoy your walk with your family.  Walking from village to village in Atlas is an outstanding way to learn about the local traditions of a Berber life.

In Morocco? Must visit Sahara


Eight to nine hours on distance from Marrakech, Desert is an adventurous place you can’t miss in Morocco family holidays. That will be the best memory of your tour to Morocco I can assure. You could have seen a Sunset camel ride sight in pictures only, here you will be experiencing the same ride, aren’t you excited?

The life in the desert is a hard one, to know that before reaching there is important. What if you have no experience of the hardships of the desert? No worries, The luxury services are there on demand, of course, would be offered in the packages you would opt for. Check the details of the packages regarding anything in your mind about your tour to Morocco on our website.

Traveling to Morocco is definitely an awesome and unforgettable experience.

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