Each and every country has its own past and its own stories to tell. India is also not an exception. This place has history embedded in every corner of it and when one wants to visit the past, they know that there are endless options to visit when it comes to India.

Still, here are some popular historically significant destinations of the country where one can time travel backward.

Ajanta and Ellora, Maharashtra

As everyone knows that Ajanta is one of the most popular caves of India; it also has been given the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Many people from all the corners of the world come here to explore this place. When one steps inside the caves, they get to see a lot of mural paintings and they clearly depict all the life stages of Lord Budhha. In fact, one can get to see all the minute details present in the painting. Ellora, on the other hand, is spread almost over a land of 2 kilometers and once can get to see a total of 34 caves here. These caves belong to either Hindu or Jain and Buddhist religious beliefs. According to many historians, these caves were built somewhere in between 600 to 1000 AD. These 34 caves, all have temples and they are located in a line just beside each other. They are separated by a cliff or a wall. One can get to see 5 Jain caves and 12 Buddhist caves here and the rest of them belong to Hindus.

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Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan

This place is located at the district of Rajsamand in Rajasthan and it is one of the phenomenal architectures of India that belongs to the Mewar Kingdom. This huge structure of Kumbhalgarh fort actually homes almost 350 temples inside its premise and among them, some are Jain temples and some are Hindu temples. This fort holds a special position in history because it has witnessed a lot of battles that were fought in between Delhi sultanate and the Rajputs. In this region, there is also a wildlife sanctuary where one can go for a safari ride.

Murshidabad, West Bengal

This place is located in the banks of Bhagirathi River, and it was the primary capital for the British rulers who came to rule India (later the capital was shifted to the city of Kolkata). In Murshidabad, the must visit the place is Hazarduari because this is a magnificent architecture and the work is done with a lot of finesse. This place also has a museum now and apart from this place, one also needs to visit places like Nasipur Palace, Imambara and Katra Mosque.

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Hampi, Karnataka

Located in the state of Karnataka this is a very famous archaeological site which owns the ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire. This has also been stated to the world heritage site of India by UNESCO. The entire city here is in complete ruins and one can get to see a lot of Dravidian architectures here.

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