Heavenly Prague: Top-Rated Places to Visit Once in a Lifetime

“If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls”

~ Anonymous

Got no idea about who stated the above-mentioned quote, but one thing is for sure that these words stand true when it comes to the beauty of Prague.

Gone are the days when Prague was a mystery to the travellers in Europe. In the present era, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Czech Republic, attracting around 4 million visitors every year.

Well, why wouldn’t it be?

From ages architecture, promising castles, incredible art, delicious cuisine, laneways and medievals, Prague is many things and never one dimensional. It does not matter if design appreciation is your thing or not, you will not leave Prague without appreciating its remarkable range of architectural period from the renaissance and gothic to modern and natural art.

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Some of the famous attractions worth appreciation are underneath, which would convince you to plan your next travel to this amazing world destination.

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So, let’s tour Prague via the web version for now. Take a rundown:

#1 The Charles Bridge

The famous bridge stands in Prague from the 1300s which has its beauty intact ever since then. Charles Bridge is one of the most recognizable places popular for its intricate old statues standing high, the amazing baroque figures (mostly of the Roman Culture), and the scenic view of the city which it offers to all the visitors.

The Charles Bridge

The place is quite busy throughout the day, but without any traces of doubt, you need to take a halt at this must-see bridge and enjoy its beauty, admiring the ancient art. It’s recommended, visiting the historic landmark once at night Prague’s Gothic skyline illuminated and make it mostly all to yourself.

#2 Prague Castle

It is UNESCO’s World Heritage site and has remained at its place from thousand of years, serving people with the astonishing architectural designs from the 10th century to the 14th century.

Prague Castle

The castle is the official office of the Czech president and with pride, takes the reward from the Guinness Book of World Record to be the largest castle complex worldwide.

Travellers can take guided tours to the Old Royal Palace, Golden Lane, St. Vitus Cathedral as they all lie within the walls of the castle. Strolling through, you can enjoy the incredible views of Prague’s old town and the Vltava River.

#3 Old Town Square

It’s no less than an iconic spot where travellers specially visit the place to admire the architecture, colourful history and an optimistic and vibrant atmosphere.

Old Town Square

Located at the heart of the Old Town, one can roam around and gaze at the top-rated tourist attractions namely, Astronomical Clock (and ancient timepiece of the 1400s), Church of Our Lady before Tyn(The Gothic time church) , and Old Town Hall tower (gets you the bird’s eye view of the city).

The place is generally occupied near to the festival of X-Mas, spilling out with many restaurants and Christmas market shoppers.

#4 St. Vitus Cathedral

A well-known Catholic church situated on the grounds of the Prague Castle, dates back to the 13th century and surprisingly, took 525 years to complete. The Church is the third in the honour of St. Vitus and reflects the designs of neo-Gothic and Renaissance influences.

St. Vitus Cathedral

The inside of the Cathedral offers beautiful sights of stained glass windows and St. Wenceslas Chapel altar with encrusted 1300 precious stones and jewels which makes me call it ‘one-of-its-kind.’

And if you want to challenge your fitness, then climb up 280 steps towards the top of Cathedral’s main tower to get a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding, of actual worth.

#5 Dancing House

Dancing House is one of the unbelievable building architecture that has gained popularity because of its unusual structure, likely becoming the most photographed attractions of Prague.

Dancing House

When seen, it resembles a dancing couple that’s why is affectionately named as ‘Fred and Ginger’. The construction for the same started in 1992 and ended in 1996, finally inventing an amazing engineering figure facing the Vltava River, providing sightseeing which feels easy on the eyes.

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The house is a built of New Baroque style, where the structures are a mix of wavy concrete panels and glass, house a restaurant and an observation deck

#6 Namesti Miru

Prague is a heavenly place where its beauty enhances wherever magnified. Namesti Miru is an incomparable place located outside the city centre in the Vinohrady district of Prague.

Namesti Miru

It’s the deepest station of Prague metro, has the longest escalator in the European Union and is also a significant transport hub in the destination. It is recommended to witness the magic of Namesti Miru, especially at night, when the site is all lit up and spreads the positivity all around.

The Last Say

Prague, seen in pictures, is not enough. One must admire its beauty with naked eyes by actually being there and living and praising every bit of it.

Prague is known by many names, ‘Heart of Europe’, ‘The Golden City’, ‘City of a Hundred Spires’, etc. but I never believed until I made a tour to the location. It’s a worth exploring place and became the 20th most-visited city around the globe as said by the stats of 2017.

I don’t think that now you need to count reasons to tour Prague. Just pack your bags and get going.

Happy Travelling!