Cricket is very popular event in the world it is played on the national and international level. On the global level, it is looked by the International Cricket Council for the purpose of playing cricket in a well manner way. There are different trophies of ICC.

They are ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC World Test Championship, ICC Champions Trophy, ICC T20 World Cup and other similar types of events. Many of the events have occurred in international cities. Many people Book Turkish Airlines Flight for the purpose of going to the stadiums and watching cricket lives. ICC Cricket World Cup is one of the main events. People often try their best for Coming at the main event of the World Cup. There are top ten teams of ICC which have registered themselves as the permanent members of International Cricket Council.

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  • Afghanistan
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • England
  • India
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • West Indies
  • Zimbabwe

Other nations have been associate members of International Cricket Council. Most of them can play in T20 but not in the World Cup. People also book Lahore to London Flights for watching World Cup of 2019. There is a lot of the trilling crowd which makes many noises for supporting their favorite teams. Most of them have a slogan written on the papers. They flash the papers in their sky for the purpose of supporting their favorite teams. Some of the fans keep on flashing these cards because they want their preferred teams to win their World Cup.

Before the actual event of the World Cup, there is a qualifier series which determines some of the teams which have to participate in the World Cup or not.  Several of the times play this qualifier for the purpose of participation. There is a strong and tough competition between the teams for qualifying in the finals.

Some of the new teams which have participated in the qualifier tournament are the following Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Ireland, Nepal, Netherlands, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, and West Indies, Zimbabwe etc. Warm-up matches are also played before world Cup. Some of the matches are played one year before Cricket World Cup for qualifying in this tournament. It determines the ability of the contestants to be ranked for the purpose of playing in the Cricket World Cup.

The trophy of the World Cup has come to Pakistan for the purpose of displaying it to the fans for the purpose of traveling and tourism. It will arrive in the three cities, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. It has gone to Islamabad for the purpose of traveling and tourism. On the date of 11 April, the trophy can be found in Islamabad, People liked the trophy very much for the purpose of traveling and tourism especially the cricketers were present for a group photo. Many of the people like to take a selfie with the trophy. People will enjoy the trophy it will visit Lahore on 13 April 2019. People of Lahore are already famous for this trophy. Many of the people like to celebrity will go to Karachi on 14 April.

There are different venues for the purpose of playing the Cricket World Cup. England and Wales are hosting the Cricket World Cup for the purpose of tourism and recreation. The matches will be held at Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Chester-le-Street, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Southampton and Taunton. Lot of the people in Pakistan are happy that trophy of the World Cup has come to Pakistan. They are very excited for the purpose of coming of the trophy to Pakistan.

There is lot of fun and entertainment among the people who are waiting for World Cup to come in Pakistan. There are many of the cricket lovers who are living in Pakistan and they are anxious to watch live World Cup. Much huge number of screens is installed in the public places which include markets and other kind of commercial areas where the people gather up to see the World Cup. Sports channel often began broadcasting World Cup for tourism and traveling. There are also sports talk show being broadcasted on the television channels for the purpose of traveling and tourism.

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Various cricketers appear in them as the guests and then they do analysis of the matches, players, innings, centuries, wickets and etc. People also like to learn about the criticism of guests which they do during the matches when they are being held. There will be lot of celebrations in Karachi. There will be grand opening ceremony. The trophy will be placed at Moin Khan Academy. There will lot of fans that will come to see World Cup Trophy for the purpose of traveling and tourism.

Most of the people come in the form of fans. Several times, people like to travel for seeing the trophy of World Cup. People come from faraway places. Sometimes, they come from rural and other domestic areas for the purpose of seeing World Cup Trophy. In the last, we advise you to buy air tickets from Faremakers Pakistan First Online Travel Agency for the purpose of traveling and tourism. You can go to London from the busiest airport named as London Heathrow.

The annual event of Cricket World Cup is coming and it is held after every 4 years. Last time, it was held in August 2015, which was won by Australia. This World Cup is going to be held at England and Wales. There are included many times in the World Cup. All of the teams have been classified into groups. Before the Cricket World Cup could be held, International Cricket Council has organized World Cup Qualifier in 2018. Many of the nations have qualified this contender qualification round.

There have been several matches for which these teams have played for the purpose of qualification. Points are also given to the qualification teams and knockout will be held in determining those teams which are qualified for the purpose of traveling and tourism. The matches will start from 30th May and continue till 14th June. The final of the World Cup will be held on 14th June. Many of the national television channels will broadcast The Cup.