Incredible places for the perfect Galapagos land tour

Touring the Galapagos by cruise is definitely a favorite thing among many tourists. However, land tours are also an incredible option to savor the winsome archipelago. The salient thing about land tours is that it works perfectly well with people of all budget class. As opposed to cruises, land tours are by far the better option, for they offer an in-depth experience of what the tropical island life has to offer. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to fully venture out on all the activities you’ve been longing to do. Here are some of the best land based Galapagos tours.

San Cristobal

As the fifth-largest island in the archipelago, San Cristobal surely knows how to treat its guests. Here are some of the go-to places on the island.

  • Kicker rock

It is considered one of the most iconic destinations for snorkeling activities. You’ll get a chance to swim with turtles, tropical fish, stingrays, and even hammerhead sharks if you’re lucky enough. It features rocks that rise 153 meters high above the water. The beautiful rocks are strategically positioned to mimic a sleeping sea lion. If you can climb to the pinnacle of the rocks – and that’s a big IF, you can get some pretty good dives.

  • Surfing

One loveable thing about the Galapagos is that it has everybody in mind, so no one has a reason why they shouldn’t fly down there. Surfers can enjoy plenty of spots to test their prowess. If you’ve been contemplating learning the sport, don’t stress, the surfing areas here are friendly to newbies. You can catch a wave in Manglecito, Punta Carolan, Tongo reef, and El Canon.

Espanola Island (from San Cristobal)

The island of Espanola is utterly stunning. Once you’ve been there, you’ll somehow find your way there again. The ambiance is like no other, its waters are therapeutic, the birds are eye-catching and the sea lions are astonished as you are.

Isla Isabela

From its seductive name to the compelling sites that match, Isabela island should be a must-visit in your itinerary. The tall majestic palm trees enjoying the breeze and plenteous hammocks are some of the things that make it a home away from home. So what makes Isabela special, you may ask?

  • Sierra Negra Volcano

Still considered active, this volcano is the only one that’s accessible on the island. As you make your way to the caldera, you can’t help but notice the black terrain covered with lush green vegetation. The caldera unfolds in a spectacular fashion once you begin to approach it. It’s vast in size and arresting in splendor.

  • Los Tuneles

The geographical formations here are one that throws your mind into thinking you are on an alien planet. It has larva rocks that formed arc-shaped canals with the waters here being crystal clear, giving you an easy time of spotting incredible sea creatures such as exotic fish, turtles or even sharks – if you find them in the right mood of meeting new friends.

  • Beaches

The Beaches here are very sublime giving the whole surrounding a Carribean flair. Sunbathing on these beaches will leave your stresses and worries with no option but evaporate.

Santa Cruz Island

This is the most popular Island in the Galapagos. It’s also the spot where the majority of tours and cruises commence. Santa Cruz is the most developed island in the Galapagos with plenty of amenities including tour agencies, restaurants, shops, and art galleries that are easily accessible.

  • Las Grietas

This place is not your ordinary spot, it’s a marvel to behold. The crevice has cool cerulean waters flowing in between that always leaves many tourists puzzled with its unique formation. If you consider yourself ballsy, why not take a leap of faith from the top.

  • Gordon Rocks

Beneath the waters in this area is a theatre of marine life teeming with incredible underwater formations and creatures.

  • Playa de Los Alemanes

Break away from the norm of swimming and head for your fishing kayaks. You’ll encounter incredible wildlife as you slip through the waters in this rich ecosystem.

To finish off, drop by the fish market at Puerto Ayora around 4 pm to witness pelicans, frigate birds, and sea lions battle it out to feed.

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