Innovative Advancements in the Travel Industry Brought by AI

The travel sector is centred around its customer service operations. The more efficient and above board their customer service is, the more chance they have of making loyal customers. In the day and age of rapidly progressing technology, businesses need to improve their IT structures in order to stay ahead of the competition and bring efficiency in their procedures. The travel sector has been active in automating their check-in and customer service operations. Now with the creation and development of artificial intelligence, tools and programs are available that can significantly alter the business practices in many companies.

Gone are the days when travellers had to approach travel agents or agencies in person in order to book and arrange foreign travel. With hordes of online travel agencies available and airlines competing to provide the best services and fares to travellers, AI has played a huge role in providing quick and personalised services to tourists. Some of the improvements brought on about by AI in the travel industry include;

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Customized Services

Customised services have been the key to conducting online business for a long time now. The travel sector has also been working hard towards providing personalised experiences to travellers. They use chatbots and past purchase behaviour to gauge customer preferences. They then use Machine Learning algorithms to tailor the services they provide to a customer. For instance, if a person has stayed at a hotel before, or has filled out a brief questionnaire before booking a room, the hotel is able to provide the guest with his/her desired comforts and preferences. Hotels and airlines are also making use of digital document verification services and biometric authentication to verify the identities of customers. This also allows them to identify returning customers and provide them with their preferred services.

Targeted Marketing

The same chatbots and customer data used to tailor services to customers can be used for better targeting of customers. Through the data collected, big data analytics can be used analyse the market segment and their preferences. It can provide marketing managers with useful insights, into the customer’s preferences, and help them to design their campaigns accordingly. They can also use those insights to target a specific segment of the market and provide them with tailored discounts and services. Same goes for the designing of their website and positioning of their brand to attract more customers.

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Increased Productivity

AI has also enabled the travel sector to increase their productivity and provide faster services to customers. With 24/7 chatbots, travel agencies, hotels, and airlines can answer customer queries in an instant. They no longer need to hire an army of customer service personnel to provide customer support around the clock. Same is the case for getting feedback. Interactive systems are available that are powered through AI that can gather feedback from customers. Other mundane and repetitive tasks can also be performed by AI systems that increase both productivity and accuracy.