Intro to eBike Maintenance & Care

The electric revolution is on for cyclists, and more and more municipalities are rising to the challenge of regulating these innovative vehicles so citizens can use them safely as a daily commuter option. They also help you extend your reach when you’re conditioning, giving you the little boost you need to keep going against a headwind or a steep incline. As you browse women’s electric bikes for sale and peruse your options, it’s important to learn how to care for a new electric bicycle. Many of the parts are the same as other bikes, especially parts like the tires, rims, and brakes. The addition of a motor and battery means the way the chain works will be different, though, and all three of those parts need to be cared for in between rides.

Find an Experienced Shop

Your bike shop is going to be your best friend when it comes to regular maintenance. Even if you DIY all your modifications, part replacements, and maintenance, you’ll need a place to go for basic parts and supplies, one that understands your bike. It also helps if they’re set up to be able to take repairs for that bike if you are too busy to handle them quickly yourself. As you look for local bike shops to work with, remember that you’re looking for a home base for maintenance. You still want to shop the best deals you can get on the bike itself, which is often to buy electric bike online direct from the manufacturer. If they have worked with electric bikes before but they’re not experienced with your model or manufacturer, move on.

Regular Inspection Checklist

Whether you use a professional repair shop for your part upgrades or you handle them yourself, you will be doing a basic inspection of your own bike periodically to ensure everything is ready for the next ride. Follow this checklist:

  • Look at the tires and rims to inspect their condition, then check the tire pressure
  • Make sure the chain is clean and lubricated, check to ensure it engages gears correctly, especially where the gears connect to the electric motor
  • Check the condition of brake lines and pads
  • Use the battery indicator to make sure the batter has enough charge for your trip

It’s also a good idea to periodically reinspect and readjust the seat and handlebars. Over time, the forces encountered while riding at speed can take them slightly out of your optimum adjustment. This is especially true for folks who ride big and tall electric bikes that are built with a few more levels of adjustment than the average bike. How often you’ll need to make adjustments depends a lot on the bike’s design and methods for securing your seat and handlebar positions.

Ongoing Care for Your eBike

It’s a good idea to invest in a storage cover for your bike if you’re concerned about dust or debris. It’s also a good idea to build habits that keep your bike ready to ride, like topping off the battery charge whenever you get the opportunity. That way, you don’t have to worry about whether it’s going to have the charge you need for your next ride.

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