Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan.  It was constructed in the 1960s for removing Karachi as the national capital and placing Islamabad instead of it.  Government of Pakistan of that time has a special interest for the construction of that mega-city, The city is dominated by the middle class and upper middle class.  Many of the people search for Online Ticket Booking In Pakistan.   After going through several search engines,  you will visit Faremakers which is the best flight search engine. Search the fares from it and when you click on “Search Flights” option.`

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We are going to study about the top attraction sites visa located in Islamabad and other nearby areas. Let’s now move onto them. Several people book cheap flights from Karachi to Islamabad.

Top Visitor Attraction Sites                                                

Pakistan Monument Islamabad:


Pakistan Monument is one of the biggest landmarks situated in Islamabad. It is located in Shakarparian National Park. It has been designed with a great constructional method.  It is simple and is located like a lotus flower. The petals represent five major provinces of Pakistan and the central spot is a representation of the federal capital.  There are many restaurants situated inside the public park. You can watch the Monument and eat delicious food from the restaurants.


Rawalpindi is a twin city to Islamabad. It was developed during Brtish Raj in India.  The city is located very near to Islamabad. There is a road which separates the two cities. You will find a lot of stuff which is available at the cheaper prices in Rawalpindi.

Raja Bazaar is one of the famous markets of Rawalpindi. Every day, it receives several hundreds of visitors who come for different purposes. Many of the people want to do the shopping and they come for this reason. There is a Grand Mosque located which has been constructed in an extremely beautiful manner.  You must see its decorative style.

Go to Truck Painting Workshop:

Pakistanis are excellent truck painters in the world.  A truck is painted with such huge efforts that they look extremely gorgeous for the purpose of traveling and tourism. Multiple items are needed in the painting of the trucks.  The cab of the driver is built for doing long haul journey because trucks are mainly used for transportation and traveling.


Saidpur is a beautiful village which is located on the foothills of the Margallla Range.  See the construction of Islamabad. You can also use walking up trails for having exotic views of the city for the purpose of traveling and tourism.

Shah Faisal Mosque:


Shah Faisal Mosque is considered as one of the most notable landmarks of Pakistan. Many of the people search Karachi to Islamabad Ticket Price because they want to see the fascinating destinations like Faisal Mosque. It looks like Bedouin’s tent and the most amazing thing about the mosque wherever you look from the mosque. It t looks same from all sides. This is the greatest fascination of Faisal Mosque. It is named after King Faisal who donated a huge amount of money for the construction of this mosque. 15, 000 worshippers can offer the prayer in it. For some period of time, it has remained the largest mosque in the world.

Blue Area:

Blue Area is one of the most modern places in Islamabad. It features several building which comes on its way. Jinnah Avenue is the basic road on which it is located.  If you get a chance to see Islamabad then you must visit the Blue Area. One of the most notable landmarks for the public is The Centaurus. It is one of the biggest malls in Pakistan. There is an entry ticket for the ordinary people but some people who belong to different classes are not charged the ticket. Many of the national and international brands are situated there for the purpose of traveling and tourism.

Stay in Islamabad:

If you want to inquire about all of the hotels where you can stay and get information then you can easily visit the website of the government which is We will discuss some of the hotels.  

Margala Hotel:


It is a great hotel which you can book easily.  There are comfortable rooms having king beds so that you rely easily on them. It is located on near the Rawal Lake.  The meal served is also of great quality.

Hotel One:

Hotel One is another great hotel for the purpose of booking. It is rated in the category of the best list of hotels for the purpose of traveling and tourism.


Marriott is another popular landmark of Islamabad. Most of the foreign clients who come in Islamabad on KHI to ISB flights also stay in this five-star hotel because they are tired and full of fatigue, however other guests also like to stay in this famous hotel.