jungle's in Malaysia

There is still a lot of jungle in Malaysia (and especially on Sabah / Sarawak). As soon as you leave the city of arrival, the jungle starts. You do not immediately notice, because the population lives next to the road. You drive past houses, but behind these houses the jungle really begins. It is the oldest jungle on earth! The Orang Asli, the original inhabitants of Malaysia, still live in this impenetrable rainforest.
The government has opened a number of “jungles” (National Parks) in West and East Malaysia to the public. So you can visit it.

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The best known is Taman Negara, where there is a resort in the middle of the jungle. The trip there is already worth the effort. You will be brought there with long boats, over the only connecting road (the river). In this National Park you take trips with a guide. You hardly encounter any wild animals here. You go there for the flora. To see real wildlife, you would have to travel for days to the highest mountain in West Malaysia, the Gunung Tahan.

On the way to Taman Negara you will come to Kuala Gandah for a long time . Here is the Elephant Center. Elephants that destroy the plantations or villages are captured and released in one of the National Parks. In Kuala Gandah you can see the elephants who help with this. You can also take a ride on an elephant or bathe with them in the river. So bring swimwear!

Another park, close to Taman Negara, is the Kenong Rimba Park. A very nice report from a family that is visited on the site. Kenong Rimba is “basic”. You even go to sleep in a cave once. It is a great experience for everyone who wants to enjoy the “pristine jungle” again. On the tour, you will discover various caves, see bats and other animals. Endau Rompin is the second National Park. Here you can undertake hiking tours of approximately 4 days with a guide. You spend the night at camping places. The trip is beautiful but strenuous. You can meet wild animals here and you will come to a long waterfall. Here you have flora and fauna. Belum Park

can be found along the East-West Highway in the north (between Penang and Kota Bharu). It is located on a reservoir. There is a resort on this lake: the Bandig Resort (three stars). The Park is still unspoiled. Few trips are made by foreign tourists. The tourists come there for the rafflesia flower with a diameter of 1 meter. You can also try to see elephants in the evening.

Gua Musang is located on the railroad to Kota Bharu. It is a sleepy wood town, but a perfect place to do rafting and steep wall climbing. There are also some remarkable caves in the area where archaeological finds were made in the thirties of the last century.

Kuala Selangor is located on the west coast. It is a quiet fishing village, where you can eat delicious food. Kampong Belimbang is just a few kilometers from this place. Here you can
admire the largest colony of fireflies in the world in the evening. From 8 o’clock you can sail along the banks of the river with a silent motorboat. Magnificent! 

Ulu Muda is located in the north at Lake Pedu. It is even more pristine than Belum Park. Here you can also go rafting and there is the possibility to see elephants in their natural environment. An additional site has been added with a travel program, which is provided by a guide. Of course, it says how you can get in touch with him and make a fantastic, individual journey through the jungle!

At Kuala Selangor, you can watch the “fireflies” in the evening. At 8 o’clock you take a boat trip through the jungle, where you can see millions of fireflies on either side. It is very romantic. It is recommended to plan an overnight stay here. In the morning the monkeys sit on the roofs of your chalet. On the site, you can read how you can make a reservation.
Here is also a Park, where you can see the Silverleaf Monkeys.