How to Keep the Children Happy on Your Next Road Trip

For children, any length of road trip feels like forever. And if yours is a rental car, it can add to the stress and make the entire experience unpleasant. Keeping the children occupied is the key to a happier and pleasurable drive. There’re plenty of easy and creative ways to do so; read on further.

In-Car Audiobooks

Audiobooks are much like a movie but without any visuals/video. These can be quite entertaining for children as stories are told in funny voices and attractive sound effects. Just in case yours is a longer journey via road, audiobooks are the best way to kill time, makes for a complete family entertainment package and you can even let the children listen to their favourite story by plugging earphones.

Travel Kit to the Rescue

A travel kit with fun activities for the children is an amazing way to grab their attention for more than five minutes at-least while keeping them engaged. You can incorporate things such as easy-to-remove stickers, backseat decoration, story books, superhero graphic novels, colouring and activity booklets, crayons and even new toys that can easily accommodate to the trip. Add the element of surprise by bringing in things that your children haven’t seen before so that they don’t get bored all too quickly during the trip.

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Take Frequent Breaks In-Between Trip

It’s quite obvious that long hours of sitting in the car during an epic journey can stiffen the body, ruins the mood and even bad for health. If yours is such a trip, it’s important to find a shady spot for all to hop out of the car, breathe fresh air, stretch their legs and just feel great by burning some energy.

In case you come prepared with a picnic basket, settle down for a wonderful roadside food experience. Keep the children busy by making them count the passing-by vehicles or simply let them explore the natural surrounding for a while. Don’t let them get away from your sight, even for a microsecond!


Although tech-based or electronic toys mightn’t be an ideal choice of entertainment for every parent, gadgets like portable DVD players, educational apps on the smart phones and tablets can surely come in handy for longer and boring road trips, especially for the children. There’s a pool of free and paid smart applications you can download based on the child’s interest and age.

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Road-Friendly Snacks

Bag plenty of snacks that simply don’t make a mess in the car and can be easily divided among the children thus keeping them happy, and their appetite satisfied. This is surely going to eliminate the hassle of frequently stopping each time when the children get hungry during the trip. Water bottles, disposable wipes and bags to collect wrappers and in-car debris are a must have to jeep things clean, appetite soothed and the trip, enjoyable.

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