Make That Lower Back Pain Go Away: 10 Tips You Never Thought Of

At least everyone has experienced some form of lower back pain at some point in their life. It makes sense that the lower back is pivotal to supporting the body’s entire weight and generally does everyday duties such as lifting and walking possible. Some of the most notorious reasons behind lower back pain include injury or tear of the back, arthritis, and vigorous physical activity. If you’ve been experiencing lower back pain, you might benefit from these ten tips that offer relief.

Correct body posture
You aim to maintain proper body posture throughout the day, especially when performing physical duties. Aim at keeping your backbone as straight as possible. Stretch your muscles often to avoid stagnating in one position.

Proper sitting posture
Many working positions demand long sitting hours facing a screen. This fact could be the reason why you complain of lower back pain. Consider investing in a good chair that supports your lower back and allows your feet to stem on the floor. Sit straight to avoid hunching your back forward. Take regular breaks to stretch your body.

Heat and cold therapy
This home remedy reduces lower back pain. Apply an ice pad wrapped in a towel on your back’s affected area to alleviate pain and swelling. Let it sit for about twenty minutes. You could try dabbing a hot pad wrapped in a towel on the affected area to ease tension in the muscles and offer more relief. Alternate these two therapies until you feel maximum pain relief.

Stretching your muscles is an ideal way to alleviate lower back pain. Specific stretches that offer optimal pain relief include:

  • Pulling your knees towards your chest while lying flat on your back.
  • Lying facing downwards on your stomach while stretching your arms outwards. In that same position, try lifting your legs and chest off the floor.

Maintain a healthy weight
Excess weight can put unnecessary burden and strain on your lower back. This is true, especially for people who are in the aging bracket. Maintaining a healthy weight ensures that your back can carry reasonable weight and offload the strain.

Wear supportive and comfortable shoes
Happy feet equal proper body posture, decreased risks of lower back pain and enhanced general body stability. Invest in the right size and type of shoes for various activities. You are highly unlikely to suffer from lower back pain if you wear sneakers for your workouts.

Massages work
It’s no brainer; massages and stretches can work immensely in relieving tension and pain in the lower back. Spinal manipulations and adjustments by a St George chiropractor may also help you alleviate these lower back problems.

Stay active
While back pain can be excruciating, staying stationary makes things worse. Try moving around, stretching, and exercising to stretch your muscles and alleviate pain. However, avoid vigorous physical activities that may cause back pain to worsen.

Invest in the right mattress
Pay attention to your body posture, even when sleeping. Invest in firmer mattresses that will help you maintain a good sleeping position. Remember, you spend about eight hours sleeping, and you should spend it sleeping right.

Get some pain relievers
Anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin can help in relieving back pain. Your doctor will examine your condition and recommend the best pain medications for you.

Other pain relief alternatives such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, corticosteroid injections, and surgery may improve your quality of life.