What Motorcycle Helmets Are Made of

As you are browsing motorcycle parts on sale and picking up the right gear, there is one item that is more important than any other: your helmet. On a motorcycle, there isn’t much protecting you during a crash. However, modern helmets and other gear are well-designed to protect you. It can be helpful to understand what helmets and made of and how to find a good one.

Typical Motorcycle Helmet Materials

As you likely already know, helmets are made of multiple layers. They typically have an outer shell, comfort padding and an impact-absorbing layer in between. These are the most common materials:

  • Polycarbonate Shell: This plastic is highly durable and very lightweight. It forms the outer shell of the helmet. Its purpose is to reduce and spread out the impact on your head. It also protects you against scrapes. Some helmet manufacturers also use fiberglass, composite fibers, carbon fiber or Kevlar.
  • EPS: More commonly called Styrofoam, expanded polystyrene is typically used in the middle layer of helmets. It helps to dissipate and absorb impacts. Some helmet manufacturers are experimenting with Koroyd, a new impact-absorbing material that may be 30% safer.
  • Foam Padding: Finally, helmets have foam padding for comfort on the inside. This padding is not intended to enhance the safety of the helmet. However, a snug fit can improve its protecting qualities.

How You Can Tell the Difference Between a Cheap Motorcycle Helmet & a Quality One?

One of the best ways to tell a quality helmet from a cheap one is based on its safety ratings. There are three major bodies: the Department of Transportation, the Snell Foundation and the Economic Commission for Europe.

DOT ratings are the easiest to acquire and should be considered the minimum for helmets sold in the U.S. In fact, helmets without any ratings are considered to be novelties. The ECE’s rating is more challenging to receive and represents more complete testing. Finally, the SNELL rating is the hardest to obtain and shows that a helmet is high-quality.

Additionally, you can consider the materials. If a helmet is not using top-quality ones such as polycarbonate, Kevlar and EPS, you can be confident that it is not a good choice.

Important Steps You Should Take When Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

As you are selecting a helmet, there are three elements to consider: safety, fit and aesthetics. As mentioned above, you can get a good sense of safety based on ratings and materials.

For fit, you should determine the shape of your head (round oval, long oval or intermediate oval) and the circumference. Most helmets have sizing guides to help you find the right option.

Aesthetics are the least important from a practical standpoint. However, everyone wants to have a cool looking helmet. They are purely subjective.

Find Motorcycle Helmets for Sale Today

Explore some of the motorcycle helmets on sale today to find the right one for you. Additionally, consider picking up some other items such as motorcycle batteries, accessories or gear. With a few of the right products, you will be ready to fully enjoy your bike.