Online Blackjack Winning Tips

Online betting has become more popular recently, with many online players choosing to play casino games and researching NFL stats to place wagers on upcoming games. If you decide to play casino games, blackjack may be an excellent option to have fun and win some cash.

Of all the casino games to choose from, blackjack has the best odds against the house. By using a basic strategy, players should be able to make a profit as the edge to the house is under 1 percent in most online casinos.

There are some basic techniques you should always follow if you want to win playing this game online.

Know the Game You’re Choosing

Before playing blackjack online, you must first find out what the house edge is on the site you decide to play. The lower the edge for the house, the better. Some online games have a house edge over one percent and sometimes as high as two percent.

Don’t play on these sites if your goal is to win as much as possible. If you do your research, you should be able to find sites that have a house edge significantly below one percent.

Other factors that should be taken into account are things like how much blackjack pays, how many decks are in the shoe, how many times a player can split, if the player can double after splitting or if the dealer must hit a soft seventeen.

These questions can all help determine the house’s edge over the player. Many sites also offer the choice of practicing the game for free to become more familiar with their offering.

Know Basic Blackjack Strategy

Any player can learn how to bet and manage their bankroll by following basic strategies. There are five options a player has after being dealt their two cards.

A player can either hit, stand, double, split, or surrender. A player should never make any move based on their gut, as blackjack is a game of mathematical possibilities, and the basic strategy should be the same for each player.

Some players use a blackjack strategy chart to help them learn the basic strategy rules. For example, the chart will help you remember when to hit or stand, as well as to surrender, split, and double down.

Unless a player has all these moves memorized, they should always keep a chart close by to make the best decision.

How to Bet

As you should already know, blackjack is a game affected by streaks, both by the dealer and the player. It’s also imperative to recognize those streaks and to bet accordingly. Many betting systems are available, some of which claim to beat any online blackjack game.

The truth is that there is no single betting system that can help you win all the time, although some can improve your odds. If you’re going to use a betting strategy, try using one that follows a set amount of chips to bet on each hand.

An example would be the Oscar betting system, in which the basic rules are to increase your bet by one unit whenever you win a hand. Also, if a hand is lost, always be the same amount in the following hand. This strategy’s last suggestion is to withdraw your winnings when you get ahead and then start over.

This helps you stay disciplined and prevents you from chasing losses by betting big amounts if you’ve just gone on a negative streak. It also doesn’t take long to recover winnings using this method, as you’ll only need to win a few hands in a row to do that. And finally, you aren’t putting any of your winnings at risk as they are being withdrawn throughout your session.

In closing, always remember to have fun and be responsible by only gambling with money you can afford to lose. Also, keep in mind that these strategies don’t work all the time but will give you an overall advantage.