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January 22, 2004

Chinese New Year
If you want to see the Dragon Dance or Lion Dance, visit the special occasions where the Chinese celebrate their street parties. Just inquire with the local Chinese

February 5, 2004

Thaipusam (Batu Caves)
See for this the special site of the “Batu Caves” in the menu of “Kuala Lumpur”.

February 5, 2004

Thaipusam (Penang Hill)
The procession starts in Jalan Dato Keramat. Every year the Hindus make a procession along the Waterfall Gardens to the wonderful coolness of Penang Hill. A silver statue is carried. The procession is held for the believing Hindus, who wear a kavadi and have metal hooks and pins in the back and cheek. They do this to do penance for their sins, or to force something on the gods, or to thank them for a cure.
It is a grand spectacle.
(See also the “Batu Caves” site under the “Kuala Lumpur” menu.)

February 6 – February 15, 2004

le Tour de Langkawi
A cycling round that is not only run on Langkawi, but throughout Malaysia. The start is at Langkawi (104 islands). Many top cyclists see this lap as preparation for the new season in Europe.
Jans Koerts won a few rides last year and wore the leader’s jersey.

 February 2004

Johor International Kite Festival (kite festival) 
Johor is the southernmost state of West Malaysia, which connects the country with Singapore. The kite festival is held in Pasir Gudang.
Designing kites can sometimes take months and is therefore made very artfully. For generations the Malays have been making kites and they see this as one of their oldest “arts”. So it’s no surprise that many are taking part.
The winner is the one who will keep his kite highest in the air. And this can sometimes be half a kilometer!

1 – 30 March 2003

Pudu Honey Gathering Adventure
For centuries the state of Kedah has been on the route of the East – West trade route. This has led to the construction of many beautiful forts and palaces. Kedah is also the rice shed of Malaysia and has the jungle and mountains, which mainly consist of lime-stone.
Between these mountains you will find Pedu Lake; far away from the heat and the rice fields. Here you will find a beautiful resort where you can relax.
On March 1 you can participate in collecting honey and become a beekeeper for one day. You can stay in the beautiful resort. It has chalets and is ideal for fishing, picnics, hiking. There is also a golf course.

Pedu Lake

17 – 23 February 2003

Carlsberg Malaysian Open
Golf Tournament played at the Royal Selangor Golf Club, which is one of the best in the world.

29 May -1 June 2003


Traditional Games Championship (Kangar)
Traditional Malay games are very popular and at this championship you can see “real” champions playing at their best. Come and watch the game sepak takraw, which has many similarities with badminton. Each team has three members and must hit the ball over the net as in volleyball.

March 23, 2003 

Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix (Sepang)
This is one of the newest racing circuits on the Formula 1 calendar. It is situated near the international airport (KLIA) in the heart of the jungle south of Kuala Lumpur. Malays are fond of motor and motor sport and the atmosphere is always charged.

27 – 30 March 2003

Kelantan traditional Food and Handicraft competition (Kota Bahru)
During this period you can try traditional dishes from this state in the capital of Kelantan. Try “ayam percik” or “nasi kerabu” (a special rice dish).
You can also admire the handmade items. 

15 – 23 April 2003

Penang International Food Festival (Penang)
Penang has been called “Pearl of the Orient” for years. One of the tastiest gems is the food in Penang, which is known for its great diversity. You can find a thousand dishes.
Some can already be tried at the hawker stalls of Gurny Drive or Safari.

10-13 April 2003

Malaysian Songkran Festival (Hulu Perak)
The Songkran Festival means the Thai Buddhist New Year. The celebration lasts three days. The first day of the festival is the last of the old year. The second day is called the “day of limbo” and the third day is the start of the new year.
People build sand stupas (temples) on beaches and banks of rivers, after which they are washed away.
Everyone throws water over each other. Everyone has fun and is cheerful. Parties are organized and they have a lot of fun these three days.
In Hulu Perak, many believers come together and will leave gifts for the monks.



28 May – 1 June 2003

Underwater Treasure Hunt
Labuan is a small island off the coast of Brunei. Before it belonged to the Malaysian Federation, it was under British rule for 115 years. It is nowadays a center of banks. From the air it looks like a star in a turquoise sea and under the waves it is a true paradise for divers!

25 May – 22 June 2003


Colors of Malaysia (Opening Parade)
The ambitious celebration of Citrawarna Malaysia (Colors of Malaysia) 2001 is a unique representation of all cultures that live in Malaysia. Theater, drama, artwork and all kinds of exhibitions from all 13 states can be seen. Kuala Lumpur presents itself at its best with entertainment, art and food! The opening parade is the start of this party.

May 15, 2003

Prophet Muhammad
‘s birthday The memory of the last prophet of Islam, Mohammed, is a special event in Malaysia. On this day the Muslims go to the mosque to pray. This is also where special sermons are given by the imam (a spiritual teacher). 

25 May – 1 June 2003

Penang (George Town)
In Malaysia they love flowers. Especially on orchids. In this month there is an international flower festival in the Botanical Garden. It is the most beautiful in Malaysia and probably the most beautiful in Southeast Asia.

7 – 8 June 2003

Penang International Dragon Boat Festival
The Dragon Boat Festival is a celebration where local teams compete against each other in beautifully cut boats with heads of snakes. On every boat there is a “cox” – someone who hits the drum – to set the right pace for the rowers. The dragon boat races are held in memory of the great Chinese poet Qu Yuan.
Inform where and when they are held. I have seen them in Batu ferrenghi, but also at Gurny Plaza

10 – 12 July 2003

The kite festival in Kota Bahru
In this state “Kelantan” the kite started. From here it has spread throughout Malaysia. It is a real sport for adults. You see the most beautiful kites flying in the air.
In Kota Bahru, inquire where exactly these are being held!

July 20, 2003

The Sabah Dragon Boat race
The Dragon Boat Festival is a spectacular race boat competition, held in Likas Bay, Borneo. Local teams race against each other in beautifully painted boats with snake heads carved from wood at the front. 

24 May – 21 June 2003

Colors of Malaysia Festival Citrawarna Malaysia (Colors of Malaysia)
is an ambitious party that lasts for a month . This is the festival of the different cultures (colors) that live in Malaysia.  There are various performances, art exhibitions and handicraft exhibitions, covering the 13 states, including Kuala Lumpur.  This city shows itself from the best side with this festival, both in terms of organizing the entertainment, and in terms of art and food. 

July 20, 2003

The Sabah Dragon Boat race
The Dragon Boat Festival is a spectacular race boat competition, held in Likas Bay, Borneo. Local teams race against each other in beautifully painted boats with snake heads carved from wood at the front. 


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