Broke financially? Are these the last days of the month? But that work schedule and daily hectic is making you take a break and go on a small vacation. But how? Because of no budget. Who says you need to have a lot in your bank account for traveling? That’s true, you actually don’t need a lot.

Get up and show some activeness because that country has taken care of you as well and by YOU we mean those who someone cannot afford a high-budget trip. And wait, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise with the choices because it’s not just about one or two places. There is a big number when it comes to places to visit in India on a shoestring budget.

Well, you may not visit a maximum of metropolitan cities but places around them are absolutely popular and offbeat to help you enjoy a budgeted and satisfied trip. Check out some of those places covered by routeprints and see where you can make up to.

McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh

We’ll be starting with this really beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh that allows you to witness some splendid views and can be easily visited not matter you’re broke. This peaceful place is all you need to get out of your daily chaotic life.

The reason being, unlike city life you won’t listen to the sound of traffic, or vendors shouting to convince you to buy the products. Also, the place is even the second home of his Holiness Dalai Lama where you can experience the ancient Tibetan culture.

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This breathtaking hill station provides you with every service from good stay to good food and some good time, too that at an affordable cost.


Another hill station, which is an amazing option to be considered for budget trips in India. The ideal time to visit Nainital is during December and experience being amidst the snowy mountains, visit one of the top attractions of the place i.e. Naini Lake, and admire the mesmerizing hills that surround it. The hill station is actually the best base to explore the lakes and other hill towns in the area.

What else you need when you can explore so much and that also on a budget. The place is any traveler’s easy pick to go, relax, eat well, and forget about all the daily hustle. 


No matter how many times you visit this place, Kasol will never let you down and will make you fall in love with it again and again. Kasol in Himachal Pradesh has definitely become the most loved place for all the backpackers and explorers out there, and the best part is the place is really light on their pockets. This picturesque and breathtaking village is situated along the river Parvati.

In fact, when in Kasol you can indulge yourself in one of the famous treks on India, Kheerganga Trek. Some of the other major attractions around the place are Sar Pass, Malana, Tosh, Pin Parbati Pass, and Yaker Pass. Believe it or not but these places are completely able to give you a dosage of an adrenaline rush.


We believe that you will not need anything else when you get a chance to feel the royalty on a budget. Definitely, the gem of Rajasthan, visiting Jaisalmer is one of the ideal choices where you can take a closer look at the history of India through forts and temples.

Well, that’s true nothing comes for free. You have to pay a price to spend a ‘worth it’ trip but not a big amount because the place gives you accommodations at an affordable price, traveling expenses are also low, and you can even treat your bellies with the best quality food, again at a reasonable price.


Hampi, also known as the forgotten empire is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, especially if you’re history lover. One of the cheap holiday destinations yet makes the best of the value for money. Take a look at all those beautiful historical monuments, dramatic landscapes, ruins of palaces and temples will surely give you a superb experience.

Hampi is one of the must-visit ancient places that allow you to relive the Vijayanagar history. Also, if you visit the place during the first week of November you can even witness the amazing Hampi Utsav. So, if you’re looking for a trip that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, this is the place.

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Why spend thousands to visit Venice when your country has its own Venice in the form of Alleppey. Yes, the place has everything to make your vacation the most memorable one, from the grass-covered countryside to waterways and beautiful lagoons. Just rent a room in a wonderful houseboat, relax and cruise carefree at the heart of the Amazonian wilderness.

All in all, Alleppey is certainly a place that is able to give you full enjoyment, home to natural beauty, and most importantly on budget.

So, these were some of the places that can be visited even if you’re broke. Never think if you don’t have an enormous amount of money you don’t have the right to go on a vacation. Just go on and explore, the country has a lot.