Human behavior is one of the most interesting things to study, it never fails to amaze how human behavior changes on different occasions. When studying psychology there are a number of things you’ll learn that can implement in your daily life. Here are some of the fun things you can play around with:

1 – LET THEM DIG THEIR PIT – People tend to get really uncomfortable in the silence and they subconsciously try to fill the silence by talking. So if you had gotten into an argument with someone, but you just don’t want to argue anymore and be at peace, just go silent! Just let them speak and dig a deeper hole for themselves and listen to a word vomit spew out of their mouth. However, you have to use this in a positive way and not to just piss somebody off, especially if you are the one who is wrong.

2 – SECRET OUT – You can easily tell who your friends like in a romantic way just by paying a little more attention to when they are laughing. When something funny happens, notice who laughs while looking at who. In a group, people tend to laugh while looking at the person they like.

3 – THE FOOD EFFECT – If you work at retail or customer service, then this tip will be very useful! When someone is yelling at you, just stop them and be like “umm, there is something in your teeth right there…” This makes a person self-conscious immediately and stops them in their tracks. They’ll stop being an absolute pain to you and you won’t have to lose your job for smacking because remember the customer is always right. Speaking of customer service, Spectrum Fort Worth customer service has set the best example when it comes to catering to the needs of customers. To find out more subscribe to spectrum TV today.

4 – HATERS GONNA HATE – You know how a joke seizes to be funny when you keep repeating it? Well, you can use it to your advantage if someone is making fun of you. When you see anyone making fun of you or cracked a joke about you in a group, just be like,” I’m sorry what did you say?” So they’ll have to repeat it for you. Keep doing that and by the third or fourth time, no one would be laughing at that joke because the repetition made it sound old and boring.

5 – THE EMBARRASSMENT VORTEX – Are you feeling embarrassed at something you did and can’t help but cringe every time you remember it? Well, at that moment try remembering something embarrassing that somebody else did. You probably can’t remember right? Exactly! No one remembers such details, so you should stop cringing and feeling embarrassed at yourself and just laugh it off.

6 – HOOKED – If you look at someone’s lips while talking, it is going to make them feel like you are interested in them. If you look at their forehead, it is going to make them feel intimidated and they will listen to you more attentively. Use this trick very carefully so as to not make anyone feel weird for no reason, or give wrong signals to people.

7 – SORRY NOT SORRY- If you work in customer service, then hear me out carefully! If you made a mistake and if something is taking a lot of time, DO NOT APOLOGISE! If you apologize, chances are it’s going to aggravate your customer. Instead, thank them and appreciate their patience. You can say things like, “ Thank you for your patience. “ This would automatically put them in a better mood and make them feel appreciated for even having to put up with you!

8 – LIKE AN ARROW OUT OF BOW – If you are walking in a hurry, just look straight ahead and keep walking. People will automatically get out of your way, just don’t make eye contact and keep walking in the direction of your destination looking ahead. This really works and saves your time from getting trapped behind slow walkers, which is very annoying.

7 – HAND IT OVER – If you are in conversation with someone and you try to handover something you have in your hand to them, they are going to take it without even realizing why! It’s true for the opposite as well, if you are talking with someone and you stick your hand out, they are going to hand over anything they have in their hand to you without even realizing why they did what they did. This is really funny and useful if you really want to take something from someone, this little tip can do the trick!

8 – SMILE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND! Smiling can literally change your life. Smile at the bartender, and they are probably going to give you a drink faster. Smile at your co-worker, they’ll probably switch the shift you have been asking them to. Smile at your kids, they will feel loved! Smile at your partner they are going to feel loved and appreciated. Smile at yourself in the mirror and you are going to feel better!

9 – THE ROLLER COASTER EFFECT – False attribution of arousal is a real thing! If you are going on a first date with someone, do something that will get the adrenaline in their body going and blood pumping. Go on a roller coaster ride, or bumper cars or even a horror movie; anything that will make their heart beat faster. This will make them into believing they like you and can help you in your relationship as well. Avoid doing anything boring especially if it’s the first date and you are want to continue dating.

10 – THE FEET LEAD – You can tell a lot about a person by their feet, yes feet! For example, if you want to know if a person is enjoying the conversation with you or wants to participate or be a part of it – just look at the direction of their feet. If their feet are facing you directly, then congratulations they are into the conversation as much as you are. However, if their feet are facing sideways or in some other direction, it means that the person is not enjoying the conversation at all and wants it to end ASAP!

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Baldwin Jackson is a content marketing expert who loves to write about the latest technology innovations and trends. When he is not working you can find him gaming or reading ancient cultivation history and culture.