Reasons To Visit Virginia In The Fall

Fall is a particular time of year for many of us. Fall signifies the beginning of the holiday season, time spent cozying up with loved ones in the peace of our homes, and so much more. If you’re a nature lover, it also signifies one of the most beautiful and changing of all seasons. You may consider yourself a well-seasoned traveler, but have you ever been to the state of Virginia in the Fall? There are so many reasons to add the state to your list of places to visit during this season and find out just why they say “Virginia is for lovers.” A visit to Virginia is sure to boost your mood and help you beat your fall or winter blues.

The Foliage Is Fantastic 

There’s a reason why the Fall foliage change in Virginia is considered some of, if not the best in the entire country. The gorgeous orange and red hues are worth visiting in the Fall on their own. The trees changing from their spring and summer state to their fall colors are simply breathtaking. It’s best observed in Central Virginia, so consider adding towns like Staunton, Charlottesville, and Harrisonburg to your list. It’s also best experienced as a hike or a drive, so you’ll want to be on The Skyline Drive to experience the gorgeous turn of leaves fully. There are many accommodations in the area to suit all different types of travelers – from quaint bed and breakfasts, Airbnb, and even luxury hotels, especially in Charlottesville. 

The Harvests Are Delectable 

Though Virginia boasts several large cities, oceanfront towns, and the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. is nestled within the state; most of the state is made of small towns and rural communities. That translates to an abundance of wineries, orchards, and farms. The apples, pumpkins, and other seasonal fall harvests are worth a trip to the state to stock up on these items while they’re freshly picked. Not to mention, you can always find fresh homemade staples like apple butter, pumpkin butter, and tons of treats at most local markets, which will become memory makers and leave you wanting to return to Virginia for the best apple pie you’ve had in your life. In these small towns, you can experience charming places like Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello in Charlottesville, or explore the caverns in Luray. 

It Can Satisfy Big City Needs Too 

Maybe you’re traveling with someone that needs the nightlife – well, Virginia has got you covered there as well. While D.C. is independent of the state, it’s right there in Virginia and certainly offers a vibrant nightlife, massive restaurant scene as well as tons of museums for the creative thinkers on your travels. Suppose you’re looking for more oceanside nightlife. In that case, you have the city of Norfolk, the neighborhood Ghent is explicitly very hip, so if you’ve got younger travelers looking for local bars or music venues, this is your neighborhood. Of course, you have the Virginia Beach oceanfront as well, which will have some brisk wind considering its Fall, but the nightlife is still alive and well even though the water’s too cold for swimming! Lastly, you have to visit Richmond, Virginia. The city has a lot going on culturally, is very diverse, has tons of vibrant street art to enjoy, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. There’s truly something for everyone in Virginia.

Virginia’s Proximity To Other Destinations

One great thing about visiting Virginia, especially by car or train, is your proximity to other fantastic locations. If you’re taking a road trip this Fall and you’ve decided to put Virginia on your destination list, you’re a mere four hours by car from Philadelphia, six hours from New York City, and eight hours to Boston. So, you can make a fantastic weeklong (or longer) road trip to experience the changing weather in all these great states through the mid-Atlantic all the way up north. And don’t worry, there are plenty of Tesla charging stations along the way. So you can enjoy the delicacies and pleasantries of the somewhat south in Virginia and that same evening have a Philly cheesesteak for dinner. 

Virginia Is For Lovers 

“Virginia Is For Lovers” is the state’s motto, and it’s for a good reason. Overall, you’ll find that the people in the great state are as lovely as the surroundings. The state is also referred to as “The Mother of Presidents” so, if you or one of your travel companions is a history buff, you’ll have plenty of exciting destinations to explore and learn more about our nation’s history. Some must-stops for this are sites like Jamestown, the city of Williamsburg, Charlottesville, and Richmond. Additionally, nature is so vast in Virginia it can satisfy all types of travelers, from campers, hunters to people looking for white water rafting.

However, you decide to get to Virginia this Fall; hopefully, you do it by car or rent a car once you get there! There’s so much to see and explore in the state, and it’s best if you can make frequent stops and get the most out of your trip. Happy Trails!