The scientific basis behind hair transplants in Turkey

Turkey is an excellent destination for hair transplant surgery. The modern techniques of hair transplant surgery that have been developed and implemented are based on the scientific knowledge of hair and how hair develops and grows on the scalp.

Researchers have described a group of hair follicles as a follicular unit graft or FUG. This unit of tissue generally includes up to four hair follicles, arrector pili muscles, sebaceous glands and nerves, and blood vessels found surrounding and associated with the hair follicles.

The sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance that is called sebum and it helps to lubricate the hair and the skin. The arrector pili muscles are tissues attached to hair follicles. It is the contraction of these muscle tissues which allows the hair follicles to stand up, which is important in trapping heat close to the skin when it is cold.

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It is essential that hair transplantation specialists can understand and can recognize an individual follicular unit in order for the procedure of follicle removal, dissection and grafting to be successful. The FUE is the follicular unit extraction method in which specific follicular units are extracted for later transplant to where they are needed on the head.

Hair transplants in Turkey

The most popular method of hair transplantation that is done in Turkey today is the FUE method. This procedure is based on the concept of the follicular unit and it entails the doctor removing microscopic follicular units in which from one to four hair follicles are present.

The physician has to be very careful when harvesting the follicular unit because damage to the tissue would likely cause a failure in the grafted tissue. This is one reason that the FUE can take quite a long time to complete.

The FUE can be used not only to place hair into the scalp but also for eyebrow transplants. In either case, the procedure requires trained and experience professionals to ensure that hair is not damaged when it is harvested, and that hair is placed at the correct angle when it is grafted into place.

An important aspect of any hair transplant procedure is that there is little scarring and that the result is a natural look to the hair. This was a problem with hair transplant methods that were done in the past in the 1980s and early 1990s. The results were often less than satisfactory with the person ending up with hair that looked like a doll.

Scientists have recognized that taking smaller and more precise follicular units is advantageous because it results in less noticeable scars and it enables more precision when grafting hair follicles into place. It does take more expertise and care though compared with older methods such as the FUT in which a much larger strip of tissue was excised from the donor area. The FUT did have the advantage of less damage to individual follicles. However, with adequate training and experience, the FUE is actually the better method to use and places in Turkey such as the Vera Clinic have the experience to give you an excellent transplant.

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