Surprising Things about Spain that will Blow Your Mind

Spain is the land of Siesta, where people know how to enjoy the life. Spanish are great nation they spend their days slowly but runs at night. A dynamic, very versatile, beautiful and interesting country offer travelers a lot of regional uniqueness and variety. Spaniards welcome visitors, offering good wine, laughing at good meal and enjoying life at fullest. Thus, there are so many great reasons to visit this amazing country. Plan your trip but before that you need to know some of the surprising things about Spain.

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Surprising Things to Do about Spain

  1. Bit of Spanish in Spain: Yes, you read correctly! For many of the Spaniards, Spanish is actually their second language. Though everybody in Spain can communicate in Spanish but they’d prefer to use their native tongue instead of secondary language. Catalan is spoken all over the Barcelona while in San Sebastian and Bilbao they speak Basque. Galician is spoken in Galicia, and in other regions of Spain people speak different languages including Austrian, Aragonese and Leonese.
  2. Barcelona isn’t that dubious: This is nothing but a misconception about Barcelona, the beautiful city is not that scary. Though in past there’re some street crimes and theft cases but in recent years they cleaned the city. Visitors just need to take few standard precautions such as leaving expensive things at hotel and zipping up their bags; otherwise the city is safe to travel.
  3. Burning Weather: Spain is really reallya  hot, travel any place of south Madrid in summer and you’ll meet the angry sun. In cities like Cordoba and Seville the temperature rises to 40 degrees regularly during July and August, which makes these place uncomfortable for travelers especially for the tourist came from cold areas. Thus, a summer is not most recommended time to travel to Spain.
  4. A Great Diversity: Spain is such unique and diverse country made up of 17 semi-autonomous regions and each region clings fiercely to a unique culture. From the Catalans in the east to the Leonese in the west, the Basques in the north to the Andalusians in the south. All these areas are rich in culture that you’ll feel like you’re entering into new country each time.
  5. Spanish Cuisine is Divine: Travelers visiting Spain for the first time only expect to enjoy the Tapas bars in Spain. You’ll be shocked when find that Spanish cuisine is one of the best cuisines you’ll ever try. El cellar de Can Roca is the best restaurant in the world and is in Spain. Along with this great eatery place, topnotch restaurants like Etxebarri and Arzak are also in Spain. You can enjoy Spanish food across the country.
  6. Foreign Food is Waste of Money: Spanish are so bad in making the foreign food totally opposite when they made their own cuisine. Don’t dare to try any foreign food, say no to Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai or even Italian in Spain. Feed yourself only the local food.
  7. They don’t Speak English: Everyone is Europe can speak English if not proper still they can speak a bit except in Spain. There is one in hundred chances that you’ll meet someone in Spain who can speak English. That doesn’t mean Spanish are not friendly but don’t assume you’ll be able to be lazy with language.
  8. It’s not always European: Spain is a unique European country where you can see the huge Moorish architectural influence in cities like Granada, Alicante, Cordoba and Seville. From the Real Alcazar in Seville to the crowning glory of Alhambra in Granada and who can forget the amazing Mezquita in Cordoba. The huge change makes you feel like you’ve crossed over into the northern Africa.
  9. La Sagrada Familia:  It is probably the most beautiful building you’ll ever see. Though St Peter’s Basilica and Nortre Dame stole the spotlight but La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is the most impressive church you’ll ever see. The masterpiece of Gaudi is mesmerizing from outside and breathtakingly amazing from inside.
  10. Spain is Quite Cheap: On the whole, Europe is pretty pricey but in contrast Spain is refreshingly reasonable especially the down south. Enjoy the meal at a good restaurant in Seville or Granada in just 15 pounds and beer in a bar will cost you couple of bucks. As far as accommodation is concern, it’s pretty affordable too. In short the Spain is amazing yet affordable place to travel.
  11. Drinking is must: Spanish are heavy drinkers; they love to drink whether they’re tucking delicious wine from the Rioja or Navarre regions or the cold beer cherished so much in the southern region or cider from the Basque country. They drink in day and in night and always drink with food.
  12. The Clichés Really Happen in Spain: There’s a chance in any old bar in Granada that someone pick up a flamenco guitar and somebody sing along on tunes. In Spain Tapas bars exits everywhere and people love them. Siestas and drinking are popular here.
  13. Jamon holds Special Place: For the visitors Jamon is a cured leg of ham but for Spanish it is a work of art, from breeding of the pig to the curing of the ham and the way they finely sliced fresh off the bone. Spanish are so proud of it as they think this is a true delicacy.
  14. Countryside is to die For: Everybody is in love with Barcelona, Seville, Cadiz, Sebastian and Valencia but the real beauty of Spain is hidden at countryside. Regions like Galicia is packed with beautiful valleys and cliffs, Andalusia with its barren rolling hills and Rioja because of its vine-covered landscapes or the Malaga filled with jaw-dropping mountains.
  15. Only Tourists can Eat Before 9pm: Many restaurants in Spain won’t open their doors before 8pm and if they do, there will be only two dinner seating: the tourist seating which starts at around 7 pm. On the flip side Spanish seating starts from 9pm and continue until midnight. Spanish love to go out late and they stay out late. Locals won’t eat before 9pm.
  16. Swear a lot: Spanish love to swear! Even in their daily conversation they can swear after every two or three sentences which is not common in other parts of world. Another unique thing about Spanish. Spain Cheap Flights and Tickets

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