Tap water or mineral water on vacation

Many people go on vacation with the idea of “I don’t want to get sick, so I look very good.” It is not forgotten or told that everything in Malaysia is very reliable. Both the food (which is under the control of the Ministry of Health) and the tap water. Nevertheless, I have a few comments about the tap water.

The tap water is safe, but it is “Rotterdam”. Food lovers will say: “I taste a little chlorine”. That is why everyone who is on holiday in Malaysia drinks spring water. Keep tap water to wash you, brush your teeth. Bottles of drinking water are sold in every store or kiosk. Usually, there is also a bottle in your hotel room or water can. This is free (complimentary) from the hotel.

water or mineral water?

In contrast to the neighboring countries, such as Thailand and Indonesia, the tap water is safe. So you don’t have to worry about becoming ill during your well-earned vacation.
This is the big advantage that Malaysia has over a visit to these other countries.
Of course the tap water is safe.
Maarre …….. nobody wants to get sick on vacation. So just buy a bottle of mineral water. These are for sale everywhere.
The water is safe. I also drink it sometimes, but just keep brushing your teeth. especially in remote areas, I advise against drinking tap water. 

Because the tap water is safe, the food is of course also safe. After all, vegetables, plates, cutlery, etc. are cleaned with this water.
In Malaysia, you can eat delicious and cheap food at street restaurants (hawkers). Go ahead and enjoy the culinary delights !!! I especially recommend eating in these stalls. The experience is grandiose!
Spend the first evening of your vacation in one of the restaurants in Jalan Alor (Kuala Lumpur). This street is located at major department stores such as LOT 10, Sungei Wang and Bukit Bintang.

By the way, almost every restaurant (except the street stalls) has “drinking water”. This is boiled water that is served cold and you usually do not have to pay anything for it. That is nice and cheap and it can come in handy when you get “thirsty” in a more expensive restaurant because you ate too “spicy”!

Ice cubes come from a factory and are supplied in large plastic bags. You don’t have to worry about this.