Things to do in Your U.S. Quarantine Hotel Room 

The order to remain in quarantine was given in a number of cities during the initial outbreak of Covid-19. Nobody left their homes unless it was absolutely essential. Being stuck in quarantine is no fun in any situation but when you are in a hotel room, it means you don’t have the comforts of home, like your own bed or your own food.

However, you can still entertain yourself and some variety is often the key. A selection of activities can make the days of travelers staying in hotel rooms, such as sports teams isolating before a game, much more manageable.

Play online casino games

In long stretches of time while isolating, one of the best ways to occupy your mind is to play online casino games. Make sure that the casino you use is regulated in the state where your hotel is located. Parx Casino is a legitimate casino in Pennsylvania that gives you the opportunity to play online for real money and has many different games you can choose from.

Catch up on your reading

Watching Netflix is one of the activities everyone enjoys and on Netflix, 2021 will be a year full of entertainment with a new movie out every week. However, interspersing Netflix binges with some reading can vary your day. Reading the right books can transport you out of your current circumstances into a different time and space. You can even listen to audiobooks if the written word is not your thing. Try out Game of Thrones and you will have plenty of content to relieve your boredom.


Exercising in your hotel room can be a bit limiting but if you only lie, sit and walk a few steps to the bathroom and back, you won’t burn off the food you’re eating. Try to count your steps as you pace back and forward across the room. Repeat this at various times of the day and try to raise your step count. Another more aerobic option is to do a workout that does not require any equipment. There are many readily available YouTube videos online that offer yoga or stretching exercises perfect for doing in a hotel room.

Learn a new language

The travel industry has had some traveling challenges, thanks to the pandemic and hotel chains have had to make some adjustments. They are implementing various measures for cleaning and disinfection. While isolating in your sanitized hotel room, learning a new language can be constructive and engaging. There are various freemium language apps that enable you to practice daily and acquire a new language like French or Spanish. You will not only pick up a new life skill but one that will help you in your travels.