Why Tibet’s Lhasa is called Forbidden City?

Is Tibet a forbidden city? Exactly in the past times Tibet’s capital city Lhasa is a forbidden city. Due to religious customs, this place was restricted except for religious heads. But now you can visit the city if the required documents are fine with you.

Let’s know from deep inside how was the city Lhasa forbidden and what to know about the place.

Lhasa City:

Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. This city is also called the Forbidden City. In Tibetan Himalayas, at an altitude of 11,975 feet, this city was located. Lhasa is very well-known as a religious center in Tibet since the 9th century AD.

Here a number of monasteries and temples stands as the major tourist attractions. This city is a great place for Buddhism centre.

Why the city marked as a Forbidden?

In the year 1951, the Chinese communists occupied the Lhasa city. Later, Lhasa city was announced as the capital of Tibet and ruled out as an autonomous city in the year 1965. The main reason why the city was trended as Forbidden place is due to the occupation of religious constructions.

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The complete city was flocked with numerous monasteries and temples and by the way, this city became home to many religious heads. All these things made the place as a religious center and obstructed the people not to visit. Then, the city was noted as the “Forbidden City”. With 5 days tour a Tibet you will experience the culture and beauty of Tibet.

What to know about the city:

Tibetan King made the city a popular religious center under his reign. He was very much interested in religious acts.

That’s why the city was declined as a precious religious spot. The ancient temples of the city are Gtsug-Lag-Khang and Klu-Khang. These two temples are said to be the most prominent temples of the city. Winter residence of Dalai Lama, Potala Palace, and a few monasteries are the famous places of the city.

After Dalai Lama V, the city gained popularity as a holy city. Before Chinese occupation, Lhasa is the center for Lamaism and also Lamaist monks appeared in a great number.

Here what are the things to see means, monasteries. They appear everywhere in the city. Architecturally they may not sound good but religiously they sound too high. Drepung monastery is one such monastery with grace looks. Most importantly, the idol of young Buddha in Jokhang temple is the best one to see.

The city located in the banks of Brahmaputra tributary known as Yarlung Zangbo flocked with monasteries and temples seems to be very colorful and attractive. Especially, the Potala Palace is the must-visit place in Lhasa. It is the palace for Dalai Lama.

With all these, you can understand why Tibet is called Forbidden city. Explore Tibet tour desde mexico and enjoy the sightseeing of Tibet in short time. The one and only reason for forbidding the city is the religious supremacy.

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