Some tips to travel to Egypt you have to know

Egypt is one of the most fascinating countries we have visited in our lives. You will go back years of history visiting the tombs of the pharaohs and you will feel like an explorer inside the famous pyramids of Giza. If you dare to visit this unique country in the world, here are some tips for traveling to Egypt that you have to know.

Exchanging opinions with our friends about Egypt we have reached a conclusion. Those who have already traveled to Egypt say it is one of the best trips of their lives. And for those who have not yet traveled to Egypt it is one of their traveling dreams. Everyone wants to go or come back, but there are some issues about tourism security in Egypt that worry. Don´t worry. Organizing a trip to Egypt is easier than you think. With this super guide, compilation of some important tips to travel to Egypt, you will surely have your doubts resolved.

How to fly to Egypt?

First of all to organize a trip to Egypt is to look for flights, the sooner you book them the better. With scales you will find a lot of combinations at a better price. For example, Alitalia (with stopover in Rome), Turkish Airlines (with stopover in Istanbul) or Aegean (with stopover in Athens).

How the visa issue works?

One of the best tips for traveling to Egypt that we can give you is how the visa issue works. You have two options to get it:

– Process it in advance online and thus save you the time involved in doing this procedure directly at the airport. You can process it directly on this website.

– Process it directly at the airport. It is also very simple. You have to buy the visa paper directly at the currency exchange offices. When you pass the security check, your visa will be pasted into your passport and sealed. We did it this way.

If you travel with an agent it is a practical step because you can be helped to take care of all relevant documents including visas. We recommend Egypt Tours Portal as the best travel agent for anyone who wants an impressive tour in the Land of the Pharaohs.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

We will not deceive you, Egypt is a country that in recent years has seriously threatened its security by terrorist attacks and political instability in the country after the Arab Spring. But, today, tourism in Egypt is recovering from the disappointment of recent years by leaps and bounds. Without going any further, this year has been the tourist destination that has grown the most worldwide. The government of Egypt works hard to protect tourism in the country. Keep in mind that it is one of your main sources of income. You will see security controls in the hotels or at the entrances to the most important temples.

Medical insurance to travel to Egypt

Egypt is not America or Europe, habibi. One of the best tips for traveling to Egypt that we can give you is to hire a good private medical insurance. This way you will not have to pay anything if you have the bad luck of getting bad and need healthcare.

Choice of tourist attractions

Egypt is very broad and if your time is limited you are advised to choose a travel package that you can deal with. We advise you to access Egypt Tours Packages as the best way to choose a vacation package in Egypt.

Finally, we hope that some of this information can help you to travel to Egypt safely and comfortably.