Top 8 Places In Dubai That Are Worth A Visit

Dubai remains to be one of the most enticing destinations across UAE even today. The city is prosperous and vigorously developing as it offers great opportunities to people from around the world. Dubai also takes pride in being one of the hot tourist destinations with so many mesmerizing beaches and amazing places to explore where one can have unending fun.

Believe it or not, your every single penny will be worth it should you choose to visit Dubai. You won’t have to worry at all about accommodation either as the hotels in this part of the world are known for their luxurious amenities and top service quality. The packages have been designed specifically to grab the fancy of those seasoned travelers who have all the experience in the world to discern the best.

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If you have already made up your mind to visit Dubai, here are top 8 places that you must not miss out on. They really deserve you to be there.

1. Dubai World

The World Islands or Dubai World is actually an artificially crafted archipelago of different islands that have all been built to roughly resemble the world map. The Dubai World features around 300 islands that have all been constructed with a keynote concept of designer living. There are all sorts of facilities on offer here for the visitors and you’ll surely love shopping at the Dubai World.

2. Dubai Underwater Hotel

Dubai Underwater Hotel is a huge and dazzling resort that claims itself to be the very first “Underwater Luxury Vessel Resort”. The resort spans over gigantic 260 hectares where you have bubble-shaped suites almost 20m underwater. There are twin domes that make their way to the surface and present a fabulous view of Dubai’s tantalizing skyline. This underwater hotel really makes one of biggest attractions in Dubai.

3 . Palm Islands

The ever popular Palm Islands are known to be the biggest man-made islands the world has ever seen and the admirers often call them the “Eighth Wonder of World”. The Palm Islands offer some amazing hotel packages for the tourists and all the amenities they might have ever imagined.  It also features some of the most stunning luxurious apartments and villas complexes in Dubai that feature spectacular views of blue ocean waters.

4. Dubai Desert Safari

If you have always missed a perfect Desert adventure, you’re sure to find one here at the Dubai Desert Safari. You can choose to travel on a camel, sandboard and a Hummer and can experience a perfect desert night, enjoy dune bashing, and witness some exciting Arab Belly Dancing – everything on a single adventure. It’s surely once in a lifetime experience and you’d never want to miss out on it.

5. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

If you have always wanted to explore the history at a museum, this is the destination for you. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum ruled Dubai from 1912 to 1958 and his house gives you the glimpses of city’s history in microcosm. The Museum not just gives you eyes into Dubai’s past but also helps you explore a lot about its cultural features. It also shows Dubai’s architectural heritage and offers a lot more for you to explore.

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6. Scenic Flying

Want a bird’s-eye view of the city? Take a Scenic Flying tour on a hot air balloon and see what it looks like from above. You’ll actually be touring the wonderland from above to overlook this incredible achievement. You’re sure to have some astonishing views that will leave you completely hypnotized.

7. Burj Khalifa

Who doesn’t know about the gigantic Burj Khalifa which really left the world stunned for being so massive? It takes pride in being world’s tallest building and its height is double as that of Empire State Building. It is a residential building and also houses many hotels and corporate offices too.

8. Tonino Lamborghini

Tonino Lamborghini is a new develop residential area of Dubai. It’s really near to Nad Al Sheba road and it is one of the greatest urban masterpieces with a complete technology and lush green landscapes. If you are in Dubai, you should visit one of the luxury communities in Dubai.

So, with these top 7 places on your list now, plan your visit today. You’ll surely never want to leave Dubai once you get there.