Whenever you travel you’ll need some apps to help you manage your budget, get to your destination, communicate with locals and also plan your trip using booking apps, this list includes the must-have travel apps you need on your smartphone.

Some of those apps will help you manage your hotel bookings, check flight status or communicate with locals by using foreign-language dictionaries one click from your phone.

Apps for Vacation Planning

Google Trips

With it’s builtin customized tours, guides and maps, Google Trips over-rank all other vacation planning apps, you can make a whole itinerary or book a tour directly from the Cheap Hotels App with a single click.

The app is connected by default to your Google account (Calendar and Gmail) so you can easily import and export events, hotel bookings, flights directly to Google Trips and start planning your trip, adding POIs and places you want t check during your vacation.

Also you can save directions, transportation details saved on you emails, share and exchange with other travelers, even ask questions about the city and get answers to all your questions in one app.

Google Trips works online and offline to save you a ton of money from data roaming, it’s available for all platforms, Android and iOS.


Kayak is not just a travel website, it has its own travel app, the app is combined with many features like hotel booking and flights booking. Kayak provides a comparison tool that helps you get the best rates and deals available for your destination on a given date, also it provides alerts when the prices go down or when a deal is available for this destination or flight.

The app s available on Android an iOS, also check their official website to get more details regarding the features.


Well known booking services among travelers, not only to rent homes, apartments and hotel rooms, but also provides a unique local experience when traveling by giving the best match based on your budget, travel style and most important the guests’ number.

Airbnb app is available for both Android and iOS, download the app and choose your dates, destination, set up some filters and start your local experience directly without intermediates or delays.

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Travel Translation Apps

Google Translate

With more than 100 languages available on the app, including several languages that work offline, Google Translate is your number one app when breaking the language barrier on a foreign country speaking another language besides English.

Some of Google Translate features are instant speech translation (one-to-one translation from a language to another), instant camera translation (for signs and menus), phrasebook (phrases you save to use on your trip).

The app comes pre-installed on Android phones, also can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS.

Microsoft Translator

One of the best Travel translation apps available on the market, it’s free and also works offline on most languages. The app also works great on smartwatches and can be set to work offline with less storage on your phone.

Microsoft Translate app support 54 languages at the moments, all of them can be saved for offline use, some of the best features available are: speech translation (real-time translation between two people), instant picture translation (signs, logos, menus, and others), real-time text translation (saves time by translating the text while typing).

The app isn’t limited to Windows Phones as it used to be, it’s now available for Android and iOS.

GPS Apps for your Travel


The most accurate navigation app is Maps.ME, the maps work in offline mode, doesn’t require a lot of storage to download maps and the best feature is the travel guides available online and offline to help you plan your trip.

The app has the feature to plan a trip based on your travel style, you can download a food trip itinerary Rome to discover a lot of hidden restaurants who provide the best Pizza in the city.

Another good option that comes with Maps.ME is the local places, to discover non-touristy locations and plan your own sightseeing tour prior to your travel, it’s a good feature that helps a lot while planning any trip.

Maps.ME is available for download on Android and iOS, also works with smartwatches and other devices.


What makes Sygic another reliable GPS App is the Travel Maps, not just roads and street, but also landmarks and POIs are available for travelers and tourists directly from the app.

Besides features that work the same as other navigation apps, Sygic provides an additional and great features like touristy places descriptions, opening hours for museums, restaurants and also the built-in feature of taxi booking and transit information.

Sygic comes with various versions, the Travel app, the Roads app and the Tracks app, available for all devices running Android and iOS systems.

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