Traveling While in Rehab

Sometimes life throws those curveballs and one day you realize that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and that you need help. While there are benefits to staying in one spot while you are going through rehab, many people still want the freedom to travel. If you’re just getting out of rehab or dealing with mental health issues, traveling may seem like an impossible task. However, if you plan carefully and take precautions against potential problems, traveling could be a way for you to continue your treatment remotely and still help you overcome addiction or other challenges in your life.

You Can Travel Right After Rehab

Going through a rehab program is a big investment of time and money. But more importantly, it’s a critical part of the process when you want to live a life drug and alcohol free. If you have a travel bug and feel like you can do it and still maintain your sobriety, it’s possible to start as soon as your withdrawal symptoms are over. This takes as little as a week, or as long as two months depending on your body and the treatment program you participate in.

Some people even choose to travel to recovery centers like an alcohol rehab near Salt Lake City or in Palm Springs because they get to travel to a new location while still getting the care they need. You can stick around nearby and travel to outpatient sessions while exploring the beautiful sights nearby.

Use Telehealth for Therapy Visits

Telehealth is a valuable tool for those who are unable to attend therapy in person, either due to distance or other factors. In order to use telehealth, your therapist should have access to computers and the internet. When you travel, it makes it possible to still attend meetings and get the counseling you need to stay on the road to recovery. Even though detox is a big part of the process, the real work starts once you’re sober and dry. Using telehealth while you travel gives you access to your therapist no matter where you go in the world. You’ll still have their support, and they can still help equip you to cope with the stressors of life when you’re seeing the world.

Travel Can Be Self-Care

Unless you’re going on very stressful work trips, traveling is a form of self-care for many people. Seeing new places, meeting new people, and exploring the world bring a sense of peace and satisfaction to many. When you’re done with the first part of rehab, going to see new places can be therapeutic. It’s important to stay connected to your therapist and other support systems even while you’re away. You’ll also want to avoid places and situations where alcohol or drugs would be too tempting for you to resist.

Plan Things That Will Help You Relax

There are many ways to help yourself relax and take a break from the stress of travel. You can listen to your favorite music, read books, take long walks outdoors, and even take time to practice deep breathing for stress relief. When you’re looking at cities to visit, finding places with architecture, hiking trails, and beautiful sights will help you find plenty of stress-free activities. Planning these in advance can even save you the pressure of figuring out what to do once you get to a new place.

Plan a Spa Trip

Have you ever been to a spa? The ones where you spend all day relaxing and getting pampered with those little cucumbers over your eyes? A day at the spa can help your body physically relax. Some people who have dealt with drug and alcohol addiction experience high levels of stress in their bodies. A spa trip can give you a new outlet for relaxation. Teaching your body to relax in different ways than by using substances is a critical part of the recovery process. Traveling to a great location is a fun way to do it, especially if there are not any good spas nearby.

Travel With Like-Minded Friends

Let’s be honest, traveling with people who drink all the time is no fun when you get stuck being the chauffeur and all you want to do is join them in their fun. Instead, find friends to go on trips with you who don’t drink. These are the friends who would prefer to check out the great coffee places in Paris instead of the nightclubs. The friends who want to hike to the top of Mt. Fuji instead of getting drunk on sake. Traveling with dry friends will make your trip far more enjoyable and easier to stay on track than it would with your drinking buddies.

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