Trending Mehndi Designs for Millennial Brides!

Gone are the days of traditional heavy mehndi designs filled with flower petals, peacocks elephants and architectural motifs. Millennial brides love minimalism, whether it is with respect to their bridal makeup, wedding shenanigans, or mehndi designs. Minimalistic mehndi designs are just as beautiful as the traditional ones and also make the brides of today stand out from the crowd. If you too are a millennial bride who doesn’t want to spend long hours getting mehndi applied to fill your hands and are looking for some unique minimalistic bridal mehndi design ideas, here are a few designs that you can try:

Half-full Intricate Patterns

If you do not wish to fill the complete hand with mehndi designs, you can get intricate designs that fill only half the hand. These modern designs for millennial brides are perfect and usually come in half shapes, like a half-circle or a half rectangle filled with intricate patterns. You can also choose to customize your half-full intricate mehndi design by adding the initials of the groom’s name within the design.

Finger Designs

Another way to avoid getting mehndi designs to completely fill up your hands is to go for designs only on the fingers. These designs are not only easy to make and less time consuming, but are also extremely beautiful to look at. If you feel like this design makes your hand look too empty, you can choose to combine it with detailed patterns on your wrists and mandalas at the centre of your hand. All these combined with finger designs make for the perfect minimalistic mehndi design for a millennial bride.

Portrait Mehndi

Portrait mehndi is the perfect way to get a personalized minimalistic mehndi design, that is specially designed for the bride and groom. You can get either your own portraits made as part of the mehndi design, or get the portraits of your favourite characters within the mehndi design. This design is the perfect combination of minimalism and personalization for a millennial bride.

Veil Mehndi Design

Also popularly known as ‘Jaali’ design, the veil mehndi design is one of the easiest to make and graceful mehndi design. This design also eliminates the need for a Haathphool as an additional accessory because the mehndi itself does that work for you.

The Traditional Peacock Motif

If these modern ideas are not your thing and you wish to go for a more traditional yet minimalistic mehndi design, you can get the peacock at the centre of the design and then explore if you want something around it as well or not. Make sure you discuss these ideas with your bridal mehndi artist first, as they will be able to advise you in a better way.

Personalized Mehndi Design

Millennial brides love personalization, whether it is their accessories or bridal mehndi designs. You can get the names of the bride and groom written with the design or go for a popular quote that both of you love. After all, your mehndi should tell your love story.