Australia is a land of staggering contrasts. It’s the world’s smallest continent and the world’s largest island. Whether you call it a continent or an island, it is a BIG country. Australia is host to immaculate, white beaches, an enormous variety of wildlife; 83% mammals, 90% fish, and 93% amphibians are indigenous to Australia, and some of the world’s most breathtaking places.

With all these options, sometimes it becomes quite overwhelming to decide what to do and what to miss. Let us make it easy for you!

Here’s a list of the Highs and Lows of Australia.


There is no way to talk about Australia without mentioning the Great Barrier Reef. Apart from being the world’s largest coral reef system, it is also the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms. It can clearly be seen from outer space. It is located off the coast of Queensland and covers an area of approximately 2300 kilometres (1430 miles). It is home to a wide variety of gorgeous marine life. It comprises of around nine hundred islands and contains about 2900 individual reefs.

You can enjoy a wide variety of experiences here like scuba diving, snorkelling, cruise ship tours, whale watching and swimming with the dolphins. You will have one of the best experiences of your life at one of the most scenic places in the world.


The Australian Outback stretches around much of Australia. It’s not home to a lot of people but it is home to a vast range of plants and animals. No journey to the outback is complete without visiting Uluru.

Uluru-Kata Tjuṯa National Park

Apart from the scenery and the wildlife, Uluru and Kata Tjuta hold extraordinary spiritual significance. Many stories about the creation of the world have their beginnings here and a lot of legends are associated with them. Walk along the base of Uluru on the tracks created by the ancient beings or take in the beauty of the 36 steep-sided domes of Kata Tjuta. Let the tranquillity of the place wash over you and listen as the desert talks to you.

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Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and stretches over 123 kilometres in length and 22 kilometres at its widest point. There aren’t many places in the world where you can operate a 4×4 on a legitimate ‘Sand Highway’.

It has swamps, mangrove forests, rain forests, woodlands, and sand dunes. Unlike other sand dunes, plant life is abundant here. A diverse range of birds, reptiles, and animals call it home.


Close your eyes, think about white sands, crystal-clear waters, curling waves, and sandstone cliffs. What are you thinking about? That’s Right! Bondi Beach!

It is Australia’s most famous beach and has something for everyone. You can swim, surf, sunbathe, take a breath-taking coastal walk or visit one of the many places to eat. Locals, as well as tourists, visit year-round because of its moderate temperature.

Another thing to do is to take the vividly scenic Bondi to Coogee 6 km Coastal walk. If you’re there between May and November, you can even spot whales from the cliff tops.


Hobart is the capital of Tasmania and, with good reason, a tourist hotspot. Australia’s biggest privately funded museum – MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) – is situated here. But don’t worry if you’re not that much into museums. You can find out the history of Port Arthur, enjoy the allure of Bruny Island, take delight in the lively cultural scene at Salamanca Place, or saddle a horse and ride into the sunset at Wellington Park. Hobart is the perfect spot for some weekend fun or the start of your holidays cruise in Australia.


Who hasn’t dreamt about petting a kangaroo, or cuddling a koala? Well here’s your chance. Situated west of Brisbane, it is the world’s largest and oldest Koala sanctuary. Koala are loaded with cuteness. At Lone Pine, you can easily hold and cuddle one if you want. The Kangaroo reserve area is another popular visiting point. Enter the reserve and walk around with the kangaroos, feed them, pet them, or take a selfie. They really don’t mind.

Discover over 100 species of Australian native animals in a beautiful, natural bush setting at the World’s first and largest koala sanctuary. Meet a koala, hand-feed kangaroos, marvel at the playful platypus, and enjoy a full daily schedule of keeper talks and activities, including Sheep Dog Show and Wild Lorikeet Feeding.

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Melbourne is officially the happiest city in the world. It offers beautiful art, delicious food, diverse culture and sandy beaches to everyone.

Each year, almost 10 million visitors come to Sydney to see the sights, shop and explore. It is surrounded by water. Sydney Harbour is one of the most picturesque harbours in the world. Sydney is diverse and multicultural, having something for everyone.

At the end of the day, you will find that there are few travel destinations as fulfilling and enriching as Australia. Australia is truly one of those places best seen with a cruise. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for last minute cruises Australia and bask in the glory of the Land Down Under.