Top 5 Champagne Destinations in the UK

The United Kingdom offers numerous champagne destination across different cities. In the past years, the champagne market in the UK has remained buoyant as seen in the increase in consumption rate all over the country. Whether or not you have something to celebrate, a glass of champagne is always a good idea. Certainly, visiting a champagne destination is a valuable activity that helps you relax. The interesting fact is that you don’t have to look far in the UK to find a classy bar where you can savour a good fizz.

What could be better for you than the combination of sweet champagne, a serene and cosy destination to relax? If you are planning to visit the UK, you should plan to visit one of the exquisite champagne destinations in this article.


London is the most visited city in the UK. If you want to fully enjoy London’s rich heritage and outstanding fun-filled experiences, a visit to champagne bars isn’t an option to bargain. There are numerous bars to have a good time toasting to great sparkling champagne. You can visit the magnificent Oscar Wilde Lounge at Café Royal Hotel Piccadilly. This bar particularly has a cool ambience with opulent interiors to unnerve you.

Furthermore, you can also visit the 5-star Claridge’s Bar, Mayfair. The sophisticated art deco bar offers a unique array of rare vintage champagne. Besides, you will have an impressive and defining experience tasting the champagne at Gong Bar at The Shard, London Bridge. Asides from the distinct champagne experience, from the 52nd-floor location of this bar, you get to have a captivating view of the popular St. Paul’s Cathedral, Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge.


Edinburgh, being the second most visited city in the UK, has captivating champagne destinations that you can visit with friends and family. If you want a fancy and relaxing champagne in Edinburgh, visiting Harvey Nichols Forth Floor Restaurant at St. Andrew Square will add sparkle to your occasion. At this bar, you will have access to a list of excellent vintage champagne and a variety of prosecco for you to explore.

Meanwhile, if you love seafood, you can have the best combination with champagne at White Horse Oyster Bar, Royal mile. You can get fresh Scottish seafood combined with a delectable champagne list.

Another stylish destination to visit for champagne is the stylish Juniper bar at Princes St. The bar has quirky interiors with large bar windows offering you views of the old Edinburgh city. You will enjoy an engrossing atmosphere while sharing a memorable drink.


The third most visited city in Uk offers the best serene places to get chilled glasses of champagne or prosecco. For the luxury-loving audience, you can visit San Carlo Bottega inside Selfridges. Be assured that you will taste their crispy and fresh glass of special champagne and caviar menu. You will love Salvi’s Terrazza Bar, Atrium, Exchange street, Manchester as they sell more champagne of the popular brands you will enjoy.

Meanwhile, Tom’s Champagne Bar is another hidden gem champagne destination at House of Fraser third floor. Amidst your shopping spree, this bar is the best to relax over a glass or bottle of champagne. If you love to have a view of Manchester while relaxing over a cup of champagne, you are guaranteed the best view at cloud23 at the 23rd floor Beetham Tower, Deansgate, Manchester.


Birmingham is UK’s second-largest city. If you are a real champagne fan visiting the multi-ethnic Birmingham city, Laurent Perrier Champagne Bar is a place to be. At this bar, you will have access to stunning 360° views of the city’s skyline, so it is a combination of a beautiful scene and fizzy fresh champagne. You can also visit the Balcony Brasserie champagne bar on the fourth floor of Selfridges. Besides, you can order foods on the plate’s menu as a perfect combination with your champagne. If you love champagne cocktails, the Chi kitchen Champagne bar at Debenhams will suit you.


Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the third-largest city in the UK. You can work through a range of classic champagne or champagne cocktails served by the glass or bottle at Oyster Bar, Rogano. This bar serves one of the most diverse ranges of champagne in Glasgow with a special oyster delicacy. Vroni’s Wine and Champagne bar also have a distinct reputation for serving quality champagne within its quiet ambience space. Furthermore, at the grand central hotel, you will enjoy the Champagne central Glasgow’s bar with the option to pick from the fourteen grandest champagne available on the menu.


The first step to enjoying your champagne destination in the UK is getting your immigration processes right. You can ask certified immigration lawyers in Plymouth to get all your documents rights. Once you are settled, you can take a fun ride around all the cities while enjoying the best champagne savour you can ever imagine.