Applying for an online EHIC saves applicants time and effort.

The process of applying for an online ​European Health Insurance Card​ is quite simple. All that the applicant needs to do is log on to the platform and create an account. They would have to provide their email ID and create a password for themselves. They would then be able to use the same account for all their EHIC processes. They can download their application forms and supporting documents to begin. They can submit everything once they have all the information at their end. After everything has been handed over, it would take between a week to a month to receive their EHI cards. They would receive updates about the entire process through their account.

If they do not want to handle the process online, they can always go to the EHIC office and ask for hard copy applications. This would require them to make multiple trips to the office, including one post filling out all the forms and gathering documents. They would need another to collect their ​EHIC card.

Is applying for the European Health Insurance Card mandatory?

No rule forces the people of the UK to apply for an EHIC card but the process is free and provides massive benefits if the applicants are travelling through the EU. If an individual needs any medical expertise because of a pre-existing condition, randomly falling sick or had a one-off accident, they would not have to worry about the expense since they can use their EHIC and avail cheaper and well-priced healthcare. The ​EHIC​ allows people to receive medical help either for free or at the same price as the locals in the country of travel.

It is always advisable to apply for insurance while travelling, along with having an EHIC since there are some conditions and situations not covered by the card. Having insurance helps and goes a long way with rate medical conditions. Additionally, always keep the bills and receipts when getting medical assistance since there are opportunities where those can be availed off when back home. There are a few hospitals that might not recognise the cards immediately.

Is there a specific way of getting the help required?

The EHIC is quite self-explanatory and an individual looking to use their EHIC would have to provide another form of documentation, ideally their passport. The EHIC needs identification proof since it doesn’t have a photograph attached to it. Both of these have to be provided at the public hospital to avail the benefits. The EHIC does not cover private hospitals and if an applicant chooses to visit one, they would have to bear the cost. The only exception to this is the insurance of the person since many insurance companies cover private hospitals, which would then make sense.

People travelling should always make sure they have the details of the nearest state-run hospital to so they can always go there in case of an emergency. The same goes concerning paramedics or ambulance numbers.