Bhutan is not just any regular country. It’s a country where happiness, chivalry, gentleness, and richness have found their permanent residency. It’s the ever last great Himalayan Kingdom. Every brick of this magnificent country speaks of ambiguity and enchantment. This is the place where one can observe the carefully nurtured Buddhist culture that grows well with universal progress.


Bhutan is undoubtedly a beautiful hilly country with its startling natural scenery that makes it a kingdom worth visiting. Bhutan is vividly known for its citizen’s happiness and economy. It’s the only country in the world to have ranked Gyalyong Gakid Palzom, or Gross National Happiness (GNH), greater than GDP. The holistic principle decides everything in Bhutan that protects the people and their happiness.

What makes Bhutan a kingdom of happiness?

Significance of Tourism- The Bhutanese have a prolonged approach to tourism that adds to the Gross National Happiness. The country makes sure your money is well-spent. Why? Tourists from all over the world pay at least $250 per day. It may seem like an expensive deal, but it is not. This mere sum of $250 includes accommodation, food, transportation, and a tour guide. It serves your budget a great deal. You can travel in groups, or you can travel according to your own itinerary. The choice is yours.

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Bhutan is full of astonishment – The most amazing thing about Bhutan is that the country has got a number of surprises for you. The reason it’s not just any other country is that there are things that are sure to leave you baffled. The rice is red in color, chilies are served as a main dish, and the Buddhist monks keep themselves up-to-date with technology while handling on to their smartphones. Bhutan is nothing like what it’s been portrayed. The people here are well-educated, cultured, amusing, and elegant.

The Last Shangri La – Bhutan offers you with its spectacular Himalayan landscape where you can explore snow-capped mountains that ascends right on top of the vague canyons that are visibly concealed in archaic forests. There are regal citadels waiting for you to come and explore- such as dzongs and monasteries. Bhutan has got such magnificent textiles and handicrafts, extreme archery competitions, alpine trekking trails, and spectacular flora and fauna. It definitely represents the Shangri La, if you observe it closely.

Protection of Ecology – Let’s admit that if our environment is protected, we are protected. This is what Bhutan does. Cultural preservation and environmental protection are the two most significant terms in Bhutan. It’s a law here that at least 60% of Bhutan must be sustained with forestation for future generations. At present, it’s 70%. It’s yet another reason for fruitful tourism as it allows nature lovers, adventure freaks, and wildlife photographers spend their quality time in the string of several national parks here.

Let’s check out some exciting things you can do while you’re in the happiest country in the world;

Trekking – If you have an adventurous soul trapped inside of you, you can unleash it while going for trekking to Taktsang monastery in Paro. Also known as the Tiger’s Nest, this trekking trip is one of the most amazing experiences in Bhutan. It takes 3-4 hours on this trek.

Trekking on Takshang Temple, Bhutan

Bhumtang Valley – Known as the Switzerland of the east, Bhumtang valley offers a deep cultural trek that lets you explore the real beauty of the valley, scenic views of the monasteries, temples, and villages. Here, you can visit some of the oldest Buddhist temples in Bhutan. It is the central place of the introduction of Buddhism in Bhutan.

Bird watching – If you’re a fan of birds, you’ll surely love watching birds as they fly. Bhutan has got species of birds like Himalayan monal, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Black-necked Crane, Ward’s Trogon, and Snow Pigeon. Some of the beautiful national parks in Bhutan are- Jigme Dorji National park, Jigme Singye Wangchuck national park, Adjoining India’s World Heritage, Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, and Thrumshingla National Park. Some areas require a special permit by the Bhutanese government. You can get your permit with a little assistance from your tour guide.

Bhutanese Cuisine – Every country has its own cuisine and Bhutan is no different. There are several options for both vegetarians and chicken lovers. There are several restaurants and cafes that let you satisfy your appetite with the infamous Bhutanese cuisine.

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