Invited to the wedding: how to choose the right dress?

Choosing a wedding dress is never easy. There are those who prefer to opt for simplicity, those who want a princely dress, those who have dreamed about this day for so long that nothing and no one can ruin the long choice of wedding dress!

However, there are not only the clothes of the spouses but also those of the guests are of considerable importance. You can’t risk disfiguring on such an important day! So how to choose a dress that is in line with the mood chosen by the spouses? First of all it would be better to understand immediately the location trying to get as much information as possible: will the ceremony be held in the countryside or in the city? Indoor or outdoor? Each reception is totally built by the spouses in such a way as to be truly the most beautiful day of their life, but even the guests can add value. They can add value with suitable wedding guest dresses.

No exaggeration

It’s okay to dare, it’s okay to provoke but don’t overdo it. The dress must never be too loose or too tight. The effect could be too extreme. So avoid being the center of attention to another’s marriage. This does not mean depriving oneself of charm or not being able to dress as one wants but only having elegance and refinement in the ways, choosing the right dress for the type of ceremony.

Discovered shoulders: Yes or no?

If the ceremony is held in the church, it is still a good idea to cover yourself. The length of the dress should also be moderate. A few decades ago it was an unwritten rule to wear a suit at least below the knee, in recent years these rules have been somewhat revised but … It is important to have good taste! Many dresses also have a short-cut jacket already combined, of the same color and workmanship or, in other cases, with a more modern cut that can recall one or more details of the dress.

If, on the other hand, the wedding is not held in the church or you are invited only to the aperitif / cutting of the evening cake, you can give yourself some more freedom. Better to opt for plain-colored dresses or with a light pattern. For your info, you can visit JJ’s House if you want a lot of choices.

Must-have accessories

Must-have accessory … The bag! It is always better to opt, in almost all cases, for a small purse like a clutch bag. Often the bag has a call with shoes that must be classy, ​​fun but also seductive … but possibly also comfortable! In recent years fashion has also granted a “stop” to the heel, essential until a few years ago, focusing on sandals with particular jewelry or elegant ballet flats.

Finally, don’t forget the colors to avoid when it comes to weddings … of others! White is forbidden because it is the color of the bride, unless a total white outfit is required! Even black is not a well-liked color at weddings, although it is a reference color and undoubtedly refined, still too much associated with mourning. If you consider it essential to dress in black … dare with colored accessories! But the bride and groom may already have established a dress code to stick to and then the task could be easier … or difficult … than you’d expect!

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